Wednesday, June 02, 2004


My last post would definitely have to qualify as one of my longer posts. I think my eyes started to hurt when I reread it this morning, it was so long. And I keep wanting to add things here and there, because there was just so much about the weekend that was of note to me. But I shall refrain. Because I'd never want y'all to go cross-eyed when reading my entries.

I do want to mention, though, that despite all the emotional navel-gazing I participated in (picking out the overwrought navel lint, as it were), my withdrawn moods and "woe-is-me"-ness, I had an excellent time. There was certainly much fun to be had and I had a lot of it. I'm very glad I went. Besides, I couldn't have been too mopey over the weekend if I was able to nearly cause liquids to spurt from MoulinRougeFan's nose from laughing on multiple occasions. She got me back at least once, though, and so did CuteNerdBoy.

(Ooh! And how cute was it that CuteNerdBoy, who is Mr. Skeptic-Astrology-Is-Bunk, read all of our weekly horoscopes to us on Saturday? Maybe because MoulinRougeFan and I are both into that sort of stuff. Well, I am, which he knows, and I think she is a little bit.)

There was one other surprise lesson that the weekend held for me: I'd love to go camping again. I mean, I'd always known I'd like the nature and physical activity aspects of camping. But now that I know I can withstand sleeping discomfort and no showering - which is what gave me pause before - camping looks very appealing to me.

Whod'a thunk?


Oh, and here are my horoscopes from yesterday and today:

(which happened to be MoulinRougeFan's birthday - a belated Happy Birthday to her!)
Quickie - "You are red with anger and green with envy. Why get so worked up? Cool it."
Daily Singles - "Jealousy rears its same old head, and it's far too early in the game to give in to it. Manage your moods with strict measures and a kind heart."

Quickie - "Force yourself to realize how petty this is. You have better things to obsess about."
Daily Singles - "Strong passions and serious moods may be out of place right now. Don't suppress the intensity; just find a healthy outlet for your emotions. "

Ya know, sometimes these things can hit the nail on the head.

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