Thursday, June 10, 2004

wha- ? whe- ? whee!!!!!! 

Uh oh.

It's gonna be a strange, strange day in CarolLand. Why? Because I feel like a hummingbird on speed.

I don't get like this often, but every once in a while the adrenaline gets a-pumpin' for no reason that I can fathom. On top of that was a cafe au lait, with the caffeine and sugar affecting me the way it affects normal people (for once) and a single mocha that one of the SisterCompany reps bought for me (he bought coffee for everyone) waiting for me (I've taken two sips so far) and, well, let's just say that two or three or ten Ritalin would probably not be overkill. Because I'm feeling unbelievably Cal-like.

I've taken my vitamins, and I'm going to try to drink an obscene amount of water, in hopes that those two things will help me to level out.

I do think I need to take advantage of this energy, though. Anybody need me to build them a house? I've done a little work for Habitat for Humanity. And I've painted many rooms and theatre sets over the years. I have experience! Use me!

Or maybe I'll just write a whole hell of a lot. And go for a jog during lunch.


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