Monday, June 14, 2004

it's happened... 

I think we all knew this day was coming, myself especially, but we denied it once, twice, three times or more, uttering a simple, "Pooh pooh," whenever it was suggested.

But we can't - I can't deny it any longer. I must face up to the facts, like a woman.

I've lost my mind.

Mind you, many might argue that my mind was lost many years ago. And they'd be right to think so. Thing is, after a while my mind forgets what it was like being with me and starts missing me, so it comes back - and I take it back because I've missed it terribly - it hangs out for a while, then remembers why it got itself lost in the first place. And takes off.

Such is the case this time. Why?

Because I've actually started training for the AIDS Half-Marathon in San Francisco in October.

I must be crazy.

It's not so much that I'm not an incredibly athletic girl, though that does figure into it. It's that I hate to run. And I hate to jog. So a 13 mile run in the streets of San Francisco is a perfect way to start to run, doncha think?

The really cool thing about this - besides the whole "raising money for AIDS patients" thing, which is actually the only way I'd get off my well-padded, yet shapely rump (oh, hush you - how many times have I said, "It's my world and I'll live in it as I choose."? So, as far as I'm concerned, my rump is shapely. :p) and get running - is that the folks in charge really do train people to just finish the marathon (or half-marathon, in my case). It's geared towards people of all fitness levels, which I really like.

Then again, I'm supposed to show up at Griffith Park by 7am every Saturday. Even more evidence that my mind has flown the cookoo's nest. Considering that I was out until 1:30am this past Friday/Saturday, after an evening of dinner and Harry Potter (which I liked better than the first two, though I've concluded that the books are just hard to truly adapt) with CuteNerdBoy, Boychik, Sarriah, MidWestRoomate, and a member of the BookCrossing MeetUps, TragiComedy, well, come 6am, when I left the house, I was convinced that I had made a very grave mistake.

(CuteNerdBoy is very fortunate I didn't actually thwack him whilst he was driving me home, with his teasing about how he could sleep in and all - my fingers hovered perilously close to his face, my fingernails brushing his stubble as they rested in thwack-in-wait position. It was only driving that saved him. But then, as I was collecting my stuff, he bucked me up with, "You're doing a good thing," which kind of evened out the hard time he had been giving me.

Kind of.)

So I ran/walked a mile on Saturday morning. Not far at all, but a good way to gauge my current pace. Actually I ran/walked more than that, because I woke up later than I planned on Saturday and had to run/walk half a mile to catch my bus to Griffith Park. And I walked home from the MetroRail station, which is a little over a mile in distance. So, yeah, I'd say I earned my day of dozing and futzing on Saturday. Especially since I, oh, Hate. To. Run.

(Though, for some reason, I didn't hate it too much. Yeah, there's definitely something wrong with me.)

Yesterday Boychik and I hiked for nearly four hours in the hills near JPL, so I guess it was kind of an exercise weekend. I have to say, though, I may not be all that athletic, but I think my hearty Midwestern peasant stock background serves me well. Because, while I was tired by the end of the hike, I wasn't all that exhausted. Okay, the incline was very gentle, but still! Four hours! And any resting we did was instigated by Boychik. The only reason we didn't go any longer was because, despite my pretty good balance, I did slip once on a rock in the creek and I was afraid of over-exerting a possible injury, because I was feeling twinges in my left knee and ankle, so we turned around after two hours or so. Otherwise I could have gone on even longer. Luckily I didn't hurt my leg after all. I would have been a trifle upset had I hurt myself before I could really get started with the training.

Anyway, once the folks at APLA set up my runner website, I'll link to it so that anyone who wants to donate can. I have to raise $1,900 by August 31, or else I can't go to the San Francisco and run the half-marathon. I've got a bunch of ideas on how to do so, but I can use all the ideas, suggestions and help I can get!

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