Sunday, June 06, 2004

fun with yahoo messenger... 

I'll be writing more about my weekend in Tucson later, as I'm very tired right now and I'm feeling a strange letdown from a rather intense week and a half (emotionally and physically). Suffice it to say I had an excellent weekend, my face and shoulders are sunburned from much fun pool-time today, I love BestFriend and family even more, which I didn't think was possible, I'm happy to be home and spending time with my kitties and we're all okay. And I really wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.

But here's a little somthing to tide y'all over - from Thursday, a prime reason why I adore my friends so much (my Yahoo handle is BriteBlueBlaze and TikiGothBoy [not his Yahoo nickname] was formerly called Polarbeast here - I managed to have this chat at the same time I was chatting with my dear friend Squiggy, but that chat, though also tons of fun, was a bit more personal in nature, so no recounting here):
BriteBlueBlaze: Howdy, [real name]! How's things by you?
TikiGothBoy: They're by.
TikiGothBoy: :>
BriteBlueBlaze: As long as they don't stink by you, it should all be good.
TikiGothBoy: I have an ample supply of clothespins for my nose if need be
TikiGothBoy: One needs them, y'know, for web design
BriteBlueBlaze: Ah, a man able to breathe through his mouth. An admirable talent.
TikiGothBoy: And I also have plenty of Cinnamon Altoids
TikiGothBoy: AND I drag my knuckles most effectively
BriteBlueBlaze: Fabulous. Simply fabulous. [TikiGothBoy's wife's real name] is one lucky woman.
TikiGothBoy: She's several lucky women, now that my scientific experiments are going well
TikiGothBoy: Yay for cloning
BriteBlueBlaze: Maybe that's my dating problem. The guys I seem to date all walk upright. I've tried to change that, but to no avail.
TikiGothBoy: You need to take that classic picture of the apelike being-morphing-into-man sequence and pick something a little more in the middle
TikiGothBoy: They aren't as good at, say, balancing checkbooks but they're honest
BriteBlueBlaze: I'm glad they're going well now. I'd hate to think about the outcome of [TikiGothBoy's wife's real name] prototypes. Though I'm sure they were all cute as a button.
TikiGothBoy: And boy can they use tools
BriteBlueBlaze: Honest? Honest? What is this word you use?
TikiGothBoy: They were about the size of a button too, which was my problem
BriteBlueBlaze: Ahh...
TikiGothBoy: It means to actually mean the same thing as the lies one tells
BriteBlueBlaze: An odd concept. One I must investigate further.
TikiGothBoy: [nod]
BriteBlueBlaze: Actually, I should be fair - the guys I've dated in the last year (all three of them) have been honest with me. They're just afraid relationships right now, but at least they told me so, instead of just vanishing (the MO of several guys I dated back in '97). They're still wusses, but honest wusses.
TikiGothBoy: No, they're more elaborate about being wusses
BriteBlueBlaze: Well, I'm pretty handy with tools myself, which is I guess why the Cro-Magnum (sp?) type never really appealed to me. I guess I just need someone to balance out my own masculine traits. Like this lovely beard and mustache I'm growing.
TikiGothBoy: It's like using business-speak to avoid saying someone is fired... "we're downsizing"
TikiGothBoy: Cro-Magnon... the Cro-Magnums are the BBQ-scarfing idiots who own several guns and attend NASCAR rallies
BriteBlueBlaze: Ahh, thank you for clarifying that.
TikiGothBoy: (Hoping Carol is not a gun enthusiast who loves car racing)
BriteBlueBlaze: Well, now that you mention it... Dale Ernhardt Jr is just DREAMY!!!!!
TikiGothBoy: :D
BriteBlueBlaze: *cleans 9mm*
TikiGothBoy: You should get rid of that old Beretta 92F... they're too prone to jam
BriteBlueBlaze: Oh, I just have it for sentimental reasons. I used it the first time I ever killed a man in Reno just to watch him die.
TikiGothBoy: How many times have you done that in Reno since?
BriteBlueBlaze: My day-to-day piece is this. *pulls out Desert Eagle* Isn't she a beaut?
TikiGothBoy: Nice
BriteBlueBlaze: I think four... No, five. I was really drunk on Wild Turkey that last time so I don't remember it so well.
TikiGothBoy: Too bulky for everyday use for me... I prefer blades
TikiGothBoy: Or a good pair of jo sticks
TikiGothBoy: <-- hasn't actually fired a gun in over twelve years, and quite possibly never will again
BriteBlueBlaze: Yes, blades are much easier to conceal, but then there's that whole "close-fighting" that I'm not so good at. Besides, one look at old Betsy here and folks just take off and run. I find that, the older I get, the less inclined I am to find joy in useless violence. Funny huh?
TikiGothBoy: I imagine it's just the tedium of having to escape or make up an alibi or bribe juries and do the jail time, rather than any particular sensitive insight into human life
BriteBlueBlaze: It's been 14 years for me. And then it was only because of the guy I was dating, who is a gun enthusiast. So I have actually fired a Desert Eagle - yow! But I don't see myself ever firing a gun again, either. I do rather hate them.
BriteBlueBlaze: You may be right about that tedium thing...
TikiGothBoy: I am of course fascinated with them to an extent, but I'm also frightened of them and their potential. I don't need one. For "home defense", I'd rather have something I can wield.
BriteBlueBlaze: Me, I've got my crowbar and lead pipe. Anything else scares the crap out of me. Which makes for a rather unpleasant laundry day.
TikiGothBoy: Stop eating and passing crowbars and lead pipes, then
TikiGothBoy: Hello? Lead poisoning
BriteBlueBlaze: But they're chockful of iron!
BriteBlueBlaze: Or steel or something like that...
TikiGothBoy: That's how the Roman Empire fell, you silly person... eating lead pipes
BriteBlueBlaze: I'm slowly building up a tolerance, you see. Because once our environment is really fucked up and dangerous levels of lead are allowed in our drinking water due to "regulation concerns", I'll still be around when everone else has gone the way of the dodo. Oh, did you know small amounts of arsenic is actually rather tasty when sprinkled on lead?
TikiGothBoy: I'm a strychnine man m'self
BriteBlueBlaze: *sigh* I've got to be off, now. Gotta go catch a bus to catch a flyaway to catch a plane to go to Tucson!
TikiGothBoy: strichnine... strychnine... I forget... either way it's peppery
TikiGothBoy: All right... do have a good and safe trip
BriteBlueBlaze: I shall. And you have a most wonderful week and weekend and, once again, all the best to lovely [TikiGothBoy's wife's real name]!
TikiGothBoy: :):)
BriteBlueBlaze: BTW, I'm laughing my ass off over this IM - mind if I use it for a 'blog entry next week?
BriteBlueBlaze: :-*
TikiGothBoy: As you like!
TikiGothBoy: :>
BriteBlueBlaze: Thanks much!;;)
TikiGothBoy: <-- always a whore for having people read what he's written
BriteBlueBlaze: <-- so is she...
TikiGothBoy: <-- needs to stop writing in the third person
BriteBlueBlaze: <--she thinks it's fun - and really needs to go, so she says bye bye!

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