Friday, June 25, 2004

forget what I said before... 

Forget about finding DevotedMan and celibacy and meaningless sex. Because I have found a new, previously undiscovered man with whom I would like to have lots of sex. And trust me, none of it would be meaningless.

I would like to fuck Jon Stewart, if I may.

Okay, maybe he's not exactly undiscovered, what with him being on the cover of Newsweek back in January, or those two Emmys he won, or that itty bitty little basic cable show he anchors. And it's not like I hadn't discovered him before, since I do enjoy watching that itty bitty little cable show whenever I'm not otherwise occupied. And I am frequently otherwise occupied, even if I'm at home watching something else, or futzing around on my computer.

But this week, because I really don't watch the show that often, I decided to start taping it so that I could watch it at my leisure. I think missed Monday's show, but halfway through Tuesday's show I set up a tape and hit "Record" on my VCR remote, then went to bed. The next day I programmed The Daily Show to be a regularly taped series.

Tonight I sat down to watch. And watch I did, as Jon spoke with Stephen F. Hayes, staff writer for The Standard and the author of The Connection, about the supposed connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. I've known for a while that Jon is a sharp, intelligent fellow, but watching him debate Hayes, making salient points that the author couldn't refute, while maintaining his humor and never once being seriously insulting to Hayes himself (okay, maybe once, but it was still said with loads of humor), well, let us just say that your humble 'blogger was most favorably impressed. And maybe more than just a little bit a-tingle.

Fine, he made me growl like a horny schoolgirl.

So, yeah. Sex with Jon Stewart. I could definitely jump on that bandwagon.


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