Thursday, May 27, 2004

riddle me this.. 

...what is the fascination with my hair?

I'm not talking about my personal fascination with my hair. That's perfectly explicable: I think my hair is one of my best features and I'm completely and totally vain. It's that whole "Goddess" thing I like to subscribe to (see URL).

I just wonder why so many of the people I've known over the years have had such a vested interest in the appearance of my hair. For example:

1) Back in high school BestFriend practically gasped in horror when my mid-back length locks were cut into a cute little longish bob that brushed just below my shoulders. Her thick dark hair is exceptionally curly, with a tendency to grow out instead of down, and she once confessed to living vicariously through my hair. Funny thing is, I always wanted at least a little bit of her curliness, since my hair was straighter than straight. (It’s a little less so these days, but not by much.)

2) Once, after my second boyfriend accidentally trapped my long-again hair under his elbow while in bed. After I yelped and said, “My hair is way too long,” he stared at me, a determined, serious look on his face, and told me, “Don’t you dare cut it.”

3) My last boyfriend was always trying to convince me to cut my once-more-mid-back length hair into a cute little bob that would be about chin length. “It’ll be easier, won’t take as long to dry, won’t get in your way and I’ll be able to see your beautiful face better.” After blushing and smiling shyly, I told him that I would lose styling versatility, which was something I was unwilling to give up. Oddly enough, the two years after our breakup saw my hair getting shorter and shorter, until it ended up – you guessed it - just below my chin.

4) A few years ago I told Boychik that I was considering trying a new hairstyle. His response? “Don’t get bangs.” This from a man that, as a rule, has never had an opinion on anything about my physical appearance. I think I had told him earlier in the day that I wore bangs of some sort for my entire life, up until 1999.

5) Both ModelGirl and BabySis have told me how much they love my currently long hair (not quite mid-back, but pretty close), how romantic it looks, and shook their heads when I mentioned I was thinking about getting it cut.

6) A few weeks ago, after I had said, for probably the second or third time in his presence, that my hair is currently too long and is in desperate need of a cut, CuteNerdBoy looked at me with all seriousness, and said, “Don’t cut it too short!” Perhaps he was remembering my previous DL picture.

7) And as recently as a few days ago, after the redhead entry, I received a comment from my harem master imploring me to “stay red, please!”

It’s just all so funny, really, how emphatic people are when I mention I need a haircut. I’m only looking to have it shoulder length again – it’s not as if I going to get it shaved off. And it’ll always grow back, usually fairly quickly. Of that I have no doubt.

Although, maybe I should give the Rosie O’Donnell look a try…

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