Thursday, February 19, 2004

Just a tiny fib... 

I lied. Those boots from I waxed rhapsodic about the other day? I'm wearing them with a skirt again today. But it's a long skirt, so the platypus feet are not as obv...

Oh, who am I kidding? They're totally obvious. But I don't care. I love these boots and will wear them with anything I feel like wearing them with. And if anyone walks up to me and says,"Hey, Carol, you have platypus feet," I'll just turn to them and quote the ever-quotable and pithy Willow Rosenberg:

"Oh yeah?! Well... so's your face!"

That'll teach 'em.


So, does the fact that this and this make my nipples hard mean I’m a freak?

(Yes, I’m aware that there are other things about me that could qualify me for freakdom. Smart-asses.)

I just think it’s way too cool.

And in related news, I have no idea where I am on the Geek Hierarchy (link courtesy of Wil).

* Science fiction literature fan? More or less (more as time goes by). Check.
* Science fiction television fan? Check.
* Trekkie? Big ol’ checkamundo.
* Fanfic writer? Well, I haven’t completed one, but I suppose the fact that I started one (or several) qualifies me for a check on that front. Additional checks related to said fanfics are: erotic fanfic writers who (sorta but not really) put themselves in the story (the characters are really who I’d like to be as opposed to who I am, but frankly they’re complete Mary Sues who should probably never see the light of day – which is the main reason I can’t finish the damned things).

Ok, I’m a geek and a freak. With platypus feet.

Just shoot me now. Thanks!


Fuck yeah, Jessica. Good luck.

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