Friday, February 06, 2004

Good night, sweetheart... 

It feels suspiciously like a five-cuppa-tea day. And maybe three or four bottles of water.

(I take in all sorts of liquids when I’m dozing off at work. I don’t know why, but I do. Between 8:30am and noon I’d already had a small Coffee Bean decaf soy cafe mocha, two fairly large cups of Earl Grey tea, 20 ounces of orange juice and 33 ounces of water. My third water bottle is waiting patiently for me next to my monitor.)

I'm just tired and I'm not sure why. I’m okay right now, since I’ve just gotten back from stepping out into the beautiful sunshine-y day to pick up a little Subway Veggie Delite wrap (I’m becoming addicted to those things), but it’s been a bit of a struggle thus far. My eyes have been refusing to stay open. I’ve found myself slipping down in my seat, wishing I had something to prop my feet up on. And I can’t find the reason behind my tiredness. I’ve had sufficient sleep each of the last two nights (5 1/2 – 6 hours each night – not ideal, but certainly enough for me to make it through the day without wanting to curl up under my desk). Perhaps the quality of sleep has been lacking, though I’ve certainly felt like my sleep has been deep and restful enough. I just don’t get it.

Oh, I'm not Pamie-tired, but it almost feels that bad. Oh well, I’m looking forward to a little sleeping in on Sunday. I think.


On Thursday I embarked on an adventure. I went to an auto auction at a tow yard.

I had intended to go the week before, but events conspired to keep my alarms from going off in time for me to make the 8:30am inspection time and the 10am auction, so I took a little time off yesterday morning. I still woke up too late to spend more than a few minutes of car inspecting (I vaguely remember hearing my alarms sounding through my deep dreaming of -- whatever I was dreaming), but I did hang around a little while for the auction, to see how things were done. I think I was the only lone female there, which, though to be expected, was a little strange.

Some of the cars looked a little scary. The others, well, though I could have easily bought a car for $200-$400, I wasn’t about to bid on a car that may not have even had an engine. It was frequently stressed that none of the cars had been inspected, all sales were final and all cars were sold “as-is”. The last two facts I already knew, having read up a little on auto auctions, but the first one was news to me. And then there was the warning that, even if the car started and was initially drivable, there was no guarantee that the parts might not drop out of the car on the way home. These tidbits certainly stopped me short from bidding, even if I had known which cars had automatic transmission and which had manual – something that could only be determined by inspecting the cars.

I’ll do a little more research into auto auctions. There are different ones out there – maybe I need to find one that isn’t associated with a tow yard.

(I changed a 5 gallon water bottle today while not entirely awake, which was also pretty adventurous. Successfully, I might add, with only a drop or two spilled. Wow, hold me back. I'm a crazy dare-devil woman.)

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