Monday, February 09, 2004

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* So freaking cool. (Link courtesy John.)

* Man oh man, this chaps my hide. Y'all, I'm a smidge under 5'6". 5'7" YoungerSis's belief to the contrary, I am not a short woman. Then why are all of the pants and jeans I buy of late at least two inches too long? At least now I know it's all across the size spectrum. I was beginning to think the designers that be assumed all big women were also tall.

* Oh my freaking G-d. This makes my teeth hurt just reading about it. It's weird - I've got one hell of a sweet tooth, but caramel, especially when combined with chocolate, makes me shudder with distaste. The only exceptions - Rolos and bite sized Snickers. All else caramel related are not welcome on my taste buds.

(You can imagine how I inwardly cringe when I'm with FFDWG(FKaSarah) or CuteNerdBoy and they order caramel-related coffee drinks. Hey, if that's what they like, that's what they like. Still -- ew!)

* Again I say: Holy Mother of G-d. Oh, please, please let it be a spoof. Though I sadly suspect that it isn't. So very wrong.

(Link via Pamie - and she is so not Paris Hilton. She's a lot smarter, funnier and prettier, for instance. And entirely unskanky.)

* I'm capable of clarification. Yea! Funny thing is, I've nearly always managed to skip the dating part of relationships in the past. With one exception, all of my past boyfriends have been guys I was previously acquainted with. I've always described the initial phases of past relationships as, "Oops, I seem to have fallen into a relationship. How did that happen?" No wonder I tend to get confused with the whole dating routine.


Question for y'all, especially the guys:

Like everyone, I receive way too much spam. A high percentage of it are offers to enlarge my (non-existent) penis. Nothing unusual. But when the subject line is "MeatStickDrag OnTheGround," well, wouldn't that make the gentlemen out there reject those e-mails? I mean, I can only imagine how painful such it must be. Hell, I'm crossing my legs in empathy.

(Speaking as a generally horny woman, if a guy headed my way with a penis that big, I'd run the other way. Damn fast.)


On Sunday, when CuteNerdBoy and I were tooling about town in my snazzy rental car, we were, not surprisingly, talking about music. While we do talk about all manner of subjects, music, books, TV and movies figure prominently. I mentioned that I had actually written and recorded a song many years ago, as a present for my ex (either birthday or Valentine's Day, it's hard to remember when both events fall on the same day). He was intrigued, saying he'd like to hear it sometime, despite my warning that I'm horribly off-key because it was recorded in a key that's too high for me for my alto voice.

Then he reminded me about this new software that he has which enables him to record different tracks and edit them on his computer. How did he remind me of it? By saying that, if I ever wanted to record anything, he had to tools to do so. I told him that I would need accompaniment and he replied that he was sure something could be arranged.

Again with the positive reinforcement. It's very cool. See, when it comes to writing or acting or painting, I appreciate all compliments whole-heartedly, but I don't need them to validate my belief in those talents. I know I'm usually pretty good in those areas. But I've never been confident in my singing ability because I have a limited range and my voice is unpredictable. I can always hear when I'm off-key, which is far more often than I would like.

And the fact that someone like CuteNerdBoy - for whom music is as important as it is for me - is supportive of my singing abilities, someone who has a darned good ear for talent (then again, many - though not all - of our musical tastes are similar, so naturally I'd think his ear is good) - it means a lot to me.

And makes me think that maybe I'm not quite as bad a singer as I think I am.

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