Wednesday, February 18, 2004

At last... 

...I had found them. I had searched high and low for them, not knowing how elusive they would be when I first decided that I had to have them. But finally they sat before me, their surfaces dully shining in the overhead fluorescent lighting.

I found the dressy black boots I had wanted for many months.

I already had a pair of black boots. With their rubber platform soles, their chunky rubber 3 1/2" heels and their boxy yet sleek uppers, they were equally suitable for dress pants, jeans and, occasionally, short skirts. But they had been worn out from so much wear - the rubber soles no longer as comfortable as they once were, the man-made finish starting to crack. Much as it pained me to admit, they had to be replaced.

So I looked for their replacements, finally to be found on Sunset Boulevard. And they were nearly perfect. Man-made materials, dressier than my former boots yet still casual, nicely trendy heels (more elegant than the rubber heels but still a little on the chunky side). And inexpensive.

I wore them with a pair of trendy jeans the night I took CuteNerdBoy out for his birthday. I felt tall, confident, sexy. Near the end of the evening, as CuteNerdBoy, CNBBrother and I sat and talked at CNBApartment I glanced at my newly-acquired booty and noticed there was something about them that looked a little off. Nah, I thought. It's just my tiredness and my giddiness over such a terrific evening that is warping my sight a little.

Yesterday I pulled on my pretty little boots over a pair of black tights, thinking they would look nice with the flouncy black and tan skirt I was wearing. As I walked to the bus stop I again caught a quick look at the tops of my boots and realized that my perception of the previous week was accurate after all.

These lovely boots, the ones for which angels sang when I laid my eyes upon them?

Give me platypus feet.

Not that my toes are suddenly webbed or splayed. No, my beloved boots make my feet look like the platypus bills. And since my feet are a bit long and wide to begin with, that's not really the look that I'm going for.

Still, they are such fabulous boots, I feel compelled to wear them regardless.

I just won't wear them with skirts. Ever.

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