Tuesday, January 06, 2004


This is just way too cool. I especially love how tiny the sun looks from Mars. And check out this devil-streaked crater!

Positively neato-keen, I tell ya!

(Thanks to WIL WHEATON dot NET for the link.)


Sometimes I feel sorry for some of the people that stumble across this 'blog through web searches. Oh, not the sickos that use words such as "l*ttle g*rls" and "f*ck" in the same search string. Those fuckers need to be stringed up by their tiny dicks and flayed alive.

No, the folks I feel sorry for are the ones who click on the links, fully expecting a nice bit of porn or erotica, and instead come up with my blatherings. For instance, this morning one fella (or chick) searched using the string "pulled my breasts out" and instead found my entry about my entirely wholesome evening with RockerChick. Even the little bit of description on Google was misleading: "... Her shirt's unlaced!" I turned around, my back to RockerChick, pulled my breasts out of the demi-cup satin flowered bra and very quickly pressed my bare ..."

No wonder the poor guy (or gal) expected more. Sorry about that!

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