Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Sorry I've been gone... 

... I've just been a bit bored with what's been going on in my own mind. It's the same stuff, all the time, and I'm sick of thinking about it and writing about it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a bad week and I'm not in a shitty mood or anything. I'm just...bored with my brain. I get like that sometimes. So if there's a noticeable lack in engaging writing, I apologize. But I've been told that my lack of updates is disappointing at least one of my regular readers, so I can only imagine that I'm letting down my other regular readers - all five of you, or maybe it's up to six now, woohoo! - and I so hate to let y'all down, so I'll try to update at least a few times a week. At least until my brain stops boring the crap out of me. So here goes:


Because I feel it’s significant, I have to mention that today is my father’s 65th birthday. It’ll be his second birthday that has passed without his family about him.

I can only wonder if he’s as sad about that as I would be, had I been sick enough and stupid enough to be in his position. I’d hate to think he would be sad, but I would hope that he’d have enough self-awareness to realize that he has wrought his isolation from the people he supposedly loved.

I know he won’t see this, but: Happy Birthday, Dad. Despite everything, I still love you. I doubt that will ever change.


I’m working this week. Yea!

It’s already fraught with minor drama, of course, because this is me we’re talking about. But at least I’m working again. And I may even come out on top. I hope.

On Friday I was sent to a fulfillment warehouse in Pacoima to “interview” with someone regarding an indefinite temp assignment in A/R, dealing with a software program that I used (and hated) at Lions Gate. It’s a program that isn’t widely used, so I definitely had a leg up on any competition. Except there really was no competition because it turns out the other person that was interviewed was also wanted, since her expertise was with A/P and GL. Granted, I didn’t have much A/R experience in this software, since I was the billing maven at Lions Gate, but at least I was a little familiar with the A/R modules. I could figure it out if I had to. I’m very good at that sort of thing.

Anyway, long story short (too late), they liked me and offered me the assignment, to start as of yesterday. Twenty minutes after accepting the assignment (with the assurance from my agency contact that she would get me as much per hour as she could, especially since I had told her the previous week that another agency was submitting me for an administrative assignment at Disney for $15.50/hr), I received a message from the Disney agency, saying that another assignment for which I was submitted (A/R - $17/hr) really wanted me to start on Monday.

Hmm. You see my dilemma. Well, because I try to be a woman of my word, I declined that assignment. Some hours later I was at home, getting ready to go to Game Night, when I called the warehouse agency to go over details we couldn’t go over earlier, due to me walking to the bus stop at the time. My contact was in a meeting, so I left a message for her to call me back. The anxious feeling that I had felt after declining the $17/hr assignment came back to me and I envisioned me talking to the contact, haggling with her over money while in front of CuteNerdBoy. Oh, did I envision correctly? Yes, I did.

So there we were, CuteNerdBoy and myself, driving to pick up The Princess Bride tickets, when I realized that it was 5:30pm and I hadn’t heard anything. So I called the agency back on my nifty new cell phone. I actually spoke with my contact and she informed me that the warehouse wanted to pay $14/hr, but she was able to get it up to $15/hr.

“Excuse me,” I said, and I launched into the “That’s Not What We Talked About Last Week” song. She hemmed and hawed, I got rather ticked off (but completely in control at all times), and she agreed to up the money to $16/hr, which was what I expected. And since I was sure that I had lost the $17/hr assignment, I agreed to accept the lesser assignment while thinking that, first thing Monday morning, I would call the Disney agency and tell them I was available after all.

Yesterday morning I arrived at the assignment right on time, and the other temp and I spent several hours shooting the breeze because no one had the time to really explain what we were doing there. Eventually, over the course of several conversations, it turns out that we weren’t there initially to help reconcile accounts and the like, which we thought were going to do. Nope, we were going to retrain some people in the new software program. Essentially we were going to be the consultants that the company was too cheap to pay for.

Um, no.

Still, I do need the work, since I really want to use my severance from Lions Gate to get a car and pay some bills. So I agreed, keeping in mind the Disney agency. Today I received a message from that agency saying that the $17/hr A/R position at Disney is still open and did I want it?

You bet your sweet bippy I did.

So starting tomorrow I’ll be temping at Disney again, doing work I learned at Lions Gate and earning more money than I did there. And I’ll be closer to home. It’s not at the studio, unfortunately. I have to bus to Glendale, which wouldn’t be too bad if I didn’t have to be there at 8am (ugh!), but I’ll have to deal, won’t I?

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I don’t have to go back to the warehouse. While the few people that I met were nice enough, the environment was one that I definitely would have felt stifled. I’ll be happy to be back in the whacked-out, significantly dysfunctional world of entertainment that I love so much.

Even if it still is in accounting.

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