Wednesday, January 07, 2004


I just realized I never talked about the New Year's Eve party I went to last week. It was fun. While I did look absolutely stunning (even with my skinny little eyebrows) I neither flirted my eyelashes off nor displayed as much cleavage as I normally would. Not that I didn't try, mind you. When I put on my simple long black gown the cleavage was out, loud and proud. Unfortunately the dress kept slipping upwards. I guess it decided I needed to be a bit more modest. Stupid dress.

None of my friends that I invited could make it. Again. WestHollywoodBoy did want to go, but only because I was going and he didn't want to drive. I knew he probably wouldn't want to stick around as long as I probably would, so I told him that if he wanted to go he should meet me there because I didn't want to have to leave early if I didn't want to just because he did. He ended up not showing up, but it turns out he was just exhausted from a long work day and didn't do much of anything that night.

So I hung out, chatted with a few people, nibbled on food and had one drink. Two men took a shine to me over the course of the night, but I found neither attractive in the least, so I ended up trying to avoid them most of the evening. It wasn't too hard with the crowd of people.

Just before midnight I stood near the bonfire, having already tossed my wooden effigy into the fire, when to my delight OBGirlfriend showed up while OlderBro was parking the car. Yea! The three of us ended up hanging out the rest of the night and morning. I also ended up kissing them at midnight. I was a little disappointed, because, though I love them, they weren't quite the people I had in mind to kiss at midnight. At least it wasn't the guy that was trying to reserve me for a midnight kiss earlier in the evening. While I don't mind a nice beard on a guy on occasion, this guy's beard looked like it was going to take over the room. Um, no thanks.

It was an interesting New Year's morning, though. OBGirlfriend, while a wonderful woman with a big, generous heart, is, shall we say, a very honest woman. Especially when she's been drinking. And she lets everyone know how honest she is. She is truly a force of nature and has been known as being more than a little on the brash side. I think she managed to tick off PythonMan (one of the hosts - a pretty laid back guy) and make Summer'85Boy shake his head more than once.

I think the best thing about the party, though, was getting a chance to hang out with PythonMan and Summer'85Boy. I tried not to monopolize their attention during the party because, hey, a ton of guests, but as the night wore on and people left I was actually able to talk to them, as well as PMWife, who showed up for a few minutes. She's a very cool lady. And during the very early morning hours, while OlderBro and OBGirlfriend were talking with a kid that OBGirlfriend decided would be her next project (she loves to find people she can help) in Summer'85Boy's bedroom, Summer'85Boy and I sat on his bed and just chatted. About his current dating life and gaming and a few other things. It was very nice. As was the big hug at the end of the evening (beginning of the morning?) from him. And his offers to watch my DVDs at his place sometime (since I have no DVD player and several DVDs, many of which he also likes). Even nicer? When I mentioned that he had barely changed over the last eighteen years, I said, "Unlike me." His response: "Not really." I think he was just being nice, because I'm easily over fifty pounds heavier than I was in '85, but it was still a great thing to hear.

It looks like I have another couple of friends in the making, which is always a good thing in my book. I hope we can continue to be friends.

BTW, I got home at about 6:30am on New Year's Day. Yeah, I was exhausted. I slept off and on the entire day.

A fun New Year's Eve, in the end. I'm glad I went.

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