Thursday, January 08, 2004

My new favorite quote... 

"Vegan cheese sucks hairy balls.".

That it does, Glark, that it does.

Though there was one nearly vegan cheese I tried that was almost okay, even in a grilled cheese sandwich. (I say nearly vegan because it contained casein, which is a milk product. Then again, most "vegan" cheeses do.)

Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the cheese, just that it was supposed to taste like Monterey Jack. Or Swiss. It was white, I remember that much. But since I'm hardly VeganGirl these days and I've been eating dairy since around June, I can't really recall.

I still rarely bring dairy into the house, but when I'm eating out all bets are off. I really should give up all milk products, though. Not just for ethical reasons. That stuff plays serious havoc with my already sensitive sinuses. I already sound like a ten-year, pack-a-day smoker every morning with the hacking and the coughing and the nose-blowing (yeah, I'm just a sexy, sexy girl in the morning - your collective sexual desire for me has just tripled, hasn't it?). I don't need dairy to aggravate the problem.


A word of advice: if you don't have anyone available to help relieve certain, shall I say, needs and desires, it's probably not a good idea to transcibe one story that you've written that contains scenes hot and steamy, then start writing another such story.

Frustration 'R' Us, baby!


Here's a fun little thing I'd almost forgotten I'd written, about three years ago. Some of it still applies, some of it is old. Y'all have to figure out which is which!


*snicker* Favorite new search string: "on christopher lee's hot ass".

While my love of Christopher Lee is well documented, I'm pretty sure I've never written about his "hot ass". Nor do I think I've ever checked to see if, indeed, he has ever possessed one. Maybe I'll watch one of his older movies for research. Because one who adores the man as much as I do should really know these things.

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