Saturday, January 17, 2004

My love is like a storybook story... 

The strains of Mark Knopfler's score still linger in my ears, graceful and gentle, the epitome of romance. Neither epic nor over-orchestrated in tone, its seeming simplicity speaks of tribulations conquered and lives enhanced by the power of love. Or perhaps I should say, "Wove, twue wove." A perfect compliment to the perfect movie just experienced on the big screen for the first time.

I've written before about my love for The Princess Bride, both the book and the movie. Well, tonight, after the Game Night event (which was a big hit - yea!), FFDWG(FKaSarah), Summer'85Boy, CuteNerdBoy and I joined some other LAPC folks for a midnight screening of The Princess Bride at the Nuart.

Once again I say, what a perfect movie it is. And so much fun to see it in a theater of over 300 people, nearly all of them devoted fans of the film. Anticipating all the good lines (which comprise at least 85% of the movie), but not shouting them out, ruining it for the newbies, the virgins. And next to me sat CuteNerdBoy (we got split up from the rest of our group), reveling in his own love for the images flickering on the screen before us.

At times I wondered at the wisdom of watching such a lovely film so soon after the latest failed "promising romance", thinking again about the dangers of the fairy tale, wondering how much longer I can believe in the fairy tale. I wondered at the wisdom of some of my comments tonight while talking to CuteNerdBoy about the latest developments between LiterateLawyerGuy and myself, which led to a conversation about guys in general and my damn biological clock, which is thundering in my head and makes me think that I sounded like I needed a husband and child this instant, which certainly isn't the case.

CuteNerdBoy's response: he's sure I'll find the right guy someday. That's nice to hear, of course, especially from him, and I know he's completely sincere. But "someday" has been a long time in coming. Sometimes a woman gets tired of waiting for "someday."

Another response: if the biological clock is an issue, maybe I should put some of my eggs on ice so that I no longer have to worry about it and I can just have fun. It's certainly an idea that merits consideration, but it's one that doesn't sit well with me. Maybe I'm just too old-fashioned in that regard. Or maybe the thought of being a mother for the first time at 45 - if I'm lucky - fills me with a certain amount of fear.

Still, despite these thoughts that have been rebounding about my brain, causing a certain amount of wistfulness to overtake me, I was - yet again - blown away by this movie that I love so dearly. I had a terrific time with people that make me very happy to hang out with (it's definitely great getting to know Summer'85Boy all over again). And pretty much all of the participants of the Game Night event told me they had fun and would definitely be up for the next one.

On top of that, I gave CuteNerdBoy a copy of Mix CD #2, which we listened to on our way to picking up the movie tickets before heading to the bakery for games. I think he enjoyed it. He was busy driving and all, so letting the music sweep him away would not have been prudent. But he told me he definitely liked Mix CD #1 a lot (I gave that to him on Tuesday night when we met for the BookCrossing meeting) and that it's on his permanent rotation. It's so nice knowing that a mix CD that I put together is giving him, the master mixologist, as much enjoyment as the numerous mix CD's that he's given me.

(I'll post the playlists soon, I promise.)

Definitely a successful evening. I could get used to that.

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