Friday, January 30, 2004

It's sex quiz time... 

Once again Beth offers up a nice, wholesome little sex quiz link:

candy delight
Your Stripper Name is Candy Delight!

You are always the feature dancer at the best clubs.
Your customers pay big money to see you, even if it means starving six days of the week.
For you, stripping is an art form, and you are a grande artiste.
Very classy and never trashy - you won't stoop to doing anything sleazy.
You are constantly posing in magazines and winning Miss Nude contests.
In StripperLand, you are the ultimate queen.
Other strippers may be jealous by all the attention you get, but you walk away with the most money!
What's *Your* Stripper Name?
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...which led me to:

You Are A Juicy Kisser!
About Your Kissing Style:
Your lips are totally kissable baby, and you know how to use them.
You are the perfect - with the right combo of lips and tongue.
It's important to flaunt it, so kiss early and often on dates!
What Your Kissing Style Says About You:
You're 100% hot, and you know it. You're all about being sexy, all the time.
You have no trouble scoring dates or kisses ...
Just trouble getting rid of jealous people trying to show you up!
You attract attention from every hot guy and girl... even before you show off your kissing skills.
Your Personal Kissing Matches and Mismatches:
Go out with another Juicy Kisser and you'll be the power couple of the party. Sure, you'll have a ton of hot kisses, but only after everyone there has checked you guys out. Hook it up with a Romantic Kisser and you may have found your soulmate. Romantic Kissers will be attracted to your appeal, and you'll appreciate their loyalty.

Keep away from Carnal Kissers! They'll just try to play you for sex, and ruin your reputation in a heartbeat. And Freaky Kissers are way too wild and rough for your style. You prefer pleasure to pain, thank you very much.
How Do *You* Kiss?
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So, why don't they tell me something I don't know?

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