Friday, January 23, 2004

I am gone... 

...I am lost.

All that money I received as a severance from Lions Gate? Will be gone in a matter of days. I can feel it in my bones. Goodbye, new (to me) car. Adios, paid bills. Au revoir, Epson all-in-one printer I was hoping to buy.

This morning, in an effort to not be late for work, I ended up taking an earlier bus (oh, how wonderfully luxurious is the Commuter Express - I would happily forgo ever getting a car if all public transit was as marvelous) and arriving in the area a full hour before my start time. So at 7am I decided to walk around the neighborhood, get the lay of the land. It was a gorgeously clear, slightly nippy morning - the perfect ambling weather.

After approximately ten minutes of walking my wide brown eyes lighted upon it. My love. My salvation. My downfall.

I knew of its existence in the area, but I had no idea how close it was to my new work digs. As I gazed at the huge red sign on the side of the building, I knew that I was lost. But I was also found.

Oh fabulous, wondrous, evil Cost Plus.

That store holds an unnatural hold over me. So much so that I had stayed away from it for several years. Until that fateful day in Santa Barbara, when CuteNerdBoy and I stumbled upon it during our rambles. I begged, pleaded with him to allow me to enter the store, knowing he was unaware of the true pull the edifice had on me (alright, I really just asked, "Can we?" and he responded with a smile and a shrug, "Okay."). After several minutes - 20? 30? 40? who could tell? - he practically dragged me from the building and I realized I was lucky to get out of there with only water (in really cool bottles), Koala Blue Chardonnay (yes, that's the Olivia Newton-John wine - it might be good) and a couple of food stuffs ( I think Thai curry soup and chocolate). Had he not told me that his head was in danger of exploding I have no doubt that I would have sent him on to dinner and happily spent the rest of the evening touching and caressing and buying all that incredible stuff. But since I was - and still am - singularly disposed to keeping his CuteNerdHead intact on his CuteNerdBody (I'm just funny about my friends that way), I thought it best to heed his warning.

Now I am close to another Cost Plus. Not just any Cost Plus, but the specific store that started my on/off again affair. Only Ross and Ikea - and Payless, oh and Claire's, and now Amoeba Music, thank you very much, FFDWG(FKaSarah) - have a stronger hold on my wallet--er, I mean, on me. And next door to Cost Plus is a used book store. If I find a record store in the vicinity, I will be well and truly screwed.

Pray for me.

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