Saturday, January 03, 2004

Cutting edge... 

Yep, I'm on the cutting edge. Always. Know what I did a few nights ago? I acquired a program that enables a person to download music files from other users. Check me out.

Oh, shut up.

Yeah, I never got around to using Napster or Kazaa, what with my old computer not being able handle anything more than the standard Windows tiny sound files. And by the time this computer was set up, Napster had gone the way of the dodo (at least the version that people knew and loved).

There were a couple of songs I desparately wanted. Sure I could have bought the CDs but 1) I would have had to wait until the next day and 2) I didn't have the money. So I poked around a bit and found a program that would suit my needs and that didn't have a bunch of crap bundled into it - I'm firmly against spyware, for instance, which Kazaa and a bunch of others include in their programs.

Now, I'm not about to use it to download entire albums. I'd rather support my favorite artists by paying for their CDs, especially non-Top 40 artists such as Beth Orton, Oh Susanna, Bif Naked and Ani DiFranco. Not to mention local bands I've seen and loved - Third Door Down, Gangster Folk, The Naked Pilgrims and The Uptown Rulers, for example.

But I will say that I love being able to download a song that's been creeping around in the back of my mind. And being able to put that song on a mix CD. Yep, I'm making mix CDs now. In the past few days I've completed two and I'm compiling a third. I've probably got 2/3 of it selected and that's just been in the last few hours. I can see why CuteNerdBoy has done so many - it's positively addicting! I don't think about the content too much, beyond trying to find a little bit of a balance. For instance, if I look at the playlist and notice that most of the songs are slow and sad, or just emotionally intense, I might decide to throw in something a bit different. Just for a little break.

So far my CD titles aren't all that imaginative (Mix CD #1, Mix CD #2), but after listening to both CDs today, I just might rename them. Because I hear definite themes running through them. (I won't put up play lists on the 'blog just yet, since I plan on giving copies to a couple of my readers - who both happen to be friends - and I want them to listen to the CDs first, to draw their own conclusions).

I'm almost afraid to see what the theme for #3 will turn out to be.

BTW, since I'm all MusicalCuttingEdgeGirl now, here's a bit of advice: those fancy music file downloading programs work best with DSL or a cable modem or one of those other new-fangled fast internet connection thingies. Dial-up? Can be painfully slow.

Just thought you might like to know. You can thank me later. I'd recommend a CD from any of the folks mentioned above. Because that way you can thank me and support them at the same time.

Yeah, such a giver. That's me, alright.

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