Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Vegas Weekend, Part 1... 

So. This Weekend. Yeah.

Outrageously early on Friday morning (as in, I hadn't gone to sleep yet Thursday night), I was having a little (4 hour) online chat with LiterateLawyerGuy. Somewhere with the first hour or so he says he wants to ask me a semi-serious question and wonders if it's ok. Sure, I type.

He was probably going to Las Vegas over the weekend for business - would I care to join him?

I think I stared at the screen for a moment, blood rushing to my face. My response - aside from the whole "we'd never even met in person and I have incredible personal safety issues" side of it, if it weren't for certain circumstances (most of which I can't even remember now) I'd semi-seriously consider his offer. I'm not going to share all the details of that conversation, as it would become a super long post, but after some typing back and forth, I told him I'd have to think about it, but that it was an attractive offer. And we moved on to other subjects.

After I finally woke up around 3pm on Friday, I spoke with FFDWG(FKaSarah) and ModelGirl about his proposal. Their advice was, if I felt safe, then I should go for it. My instinct said yes, my issues said no. Later in the evening I spoke with LiterateLawyerGuy. I agreed to meet him in Vegas. He was, to put it mildly, shocked. Incredibly surprised. Perhaps even utterly taken aback. I was just as astounded that I said yes.

The rest of the evening we called back and forth, working out logistics, finally agreeing that I would fly out of Burbank Saturday afternoon and meet him at McCarran International Airport when my plane landed, as he planned to fly out from San Diego earlier to take care of business. The plan was to stay up all night Saturday and fly back to Burbank early Sunday morning, whereupon he’d crash on my sofa and either we’d hang out in L.A. or he’d head back to his main home in La Jolla (he splits his time about 60/40 between his house in La Jolla and his apartment in Santa Monica).

Saturday I woke up early, did a little laundry and picked up my disaster of an apartment so that it would at least be presentable the next morning. FFDWG(FKaSarah) stopped by to drop off my steam cleaner and her cell phone, which she was loaning to me for the weekend so that I would feel a bit safer about meeting a previously unmet man hundreds of miles from home. She was also sweet enough to drop me off at the airport, especially since I kept her waiting a good 45-60 minutes while finishing getting ready and packing.

I caught my flight just fine and was in Vegas by 5pm. I knew LiterateLawyerGuy was going to be a little late because he was having problems with the report that he had to deliver, but once I got to Vegas I called him and found out he was going to be even later. No big deal. I just got some coffee at the airport Coffee Bean, lost about $4 in slots, then waited in a booth seat at one of those combo fast food restaurants endemic to airports. As I waited he called again – his flight was delayed another hour. He ended up not leaving San Diego until nearly 8pm. It truly was a comedy of errors. Except it was lacking the funny of comedies.

Finally, finally, finally, his plane landed and, since I hadn’t left the terminal I was waiting for him at the gate. Out he walked, looking tired and scanning the surroundings. I saw him first (having seen several photos I knew what he looked like) and called his name. A smile lit his face as he walked up to me. He gave me a big bear hug, which I returned, and we got out of that airport as fast as we could. It was after 9:30pm by the time we entered the rental car.

I felt my natural shyness coming to fore (which he actually found charming), but within a few hours that shyness was gone. He was immediately comfortable with me and I was soon comfortable with him.

There’s so much more to just that evening, the mix-ups with checking in – we decided to extend our stay to early Monday morning and the room that was originally booked just for changing clothes became our “home” for the weekend; dressing up for dinner; the driving around trying to find an open restaurant after midnight, which was harder than one might think on a Saturday evening in Vegas; the excellent food and drinks, then back to the hotel for some serious making out. We didn’t fall asleep until after sunrise. It was all terrific.

We finally woke up after 1pm, lolled about the room for a while, reading favorite selections (I read to him the “House of Smut Revisted” from Pamie’s book, which he loved) and talking and making out, finally leaving the room at 4pm for a very late brunch at Hard Rock. Then he gambled at blackjack a little, we shopped for music (he gifted me with a Strokes CD – see sidebar), went for a drink, drove around Vegas trying to find a movie theater, watched Love Actually with some very obnoxious teens sitting behind us (he had to calm me down to keep me from ripping off some heads), then back to the hotel for some blessed sleep before waking up way too early to get me to the airport so that I could get to work on time Monday morning. Still not sure how we managed that one.

All in all, a really fun, enjoyable, thoroughly unexpected weekend. And we really were very comfortable together, which was nice. I’m still slightly gun-shy, which he knew. He was by turns solicitous and bold, saying all the right things but obviously sincere about his words. And both still pleased and surprised that I had agreed to such a weekend.

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