Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Three words... 

...and some punctuation:

Colin Firth - yummy.

Tonight was the Los Angeles premiere of Girl with the Pearl Earring. I've mentioned before that the company where I work was involved in the making of the movie. And through some happy, happy fluke, invites to the L.A. premiere actually filtered down to my department. We are almost never invited to these events. So when presented a reception after the movie, with the possibility of being in the same room with Colin Firth afterwards? You can bet I jumped on that bandwagon.

I was able to get a ride there and home, so that was of the good. No one I invited was able to make it, unfortunately. LiterateLawyerGuy has to stay in San Diego for the rest of the week, ModelGirl had business she had to take care of, CuteNerdBoy had 1) already seen the movie with me and 2) was coming down with a cold (we had seen each other at the BookCrossing meeting the night before anyway, along with his brother) and WestHollywoodBoy tried to make it but ended up having to work late.

Still, it was all too much fun. I first spied Colin Firth when I went back outside to leave my extra ticket at Will Call, on the off-chance WestHollywoodBoy could make it. Mr. Firth was standing on the red carpet, posing for photos and fielding press questions when I walked behind him. Of course I was not on the red carpet and had several canopy posts and a few people between us. But I was in his presence, nonetheless.

Later, as I was waiting for both WestHollywoodBoy and FFDWG(FKaSarah) to arrive - I was holding seats for both of them - Mr. Firth entered the theater. He wasn't close at all, but he was definitely there, looking very handsome.

More festivities resulted, the movie was watched (very good, I've liked it both times I've seen it and the score is simply wonderful), then FFDWG(FKaSarah) and I left the theater. Right in front of us in the upper lobby - none other than Colin Firth. People were milling about him, shaking his hand and smiling and asking him questions. He appeared to be very gracious, but I don't like to be just one of a crowd usually, so FFDWG(FKaSarah) and I just left him alone. Though I did dart a couple of looks his way on my journey downstairs.

Fairly soon FFDWG(FKaSarah) and I decided to leave the reception, as it was too crowded and the food was not vegetarian friendly. I spied Mr. Firth one last time, on the other side of the downstairs lobby, briefly glanced longingly at him like practically every other woman in the room, then made my way out.

So, in conclusion, Colin Firth in person - very yummy indeed.

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