Monday, December 22, 2003

It's about damn time... 

For about two months it's been sitting there, mocking me. "What's wrong, Carol?" it asks me. "Why don't you like me? Why do you leave me half-finished? Why did it take over a month for you to even acknowledge my existence?"

I lounged on my sofa, watching TV. Or I read a book while listening to music. Or I sat at my computer, surfing and writing and researching. I blocked out its taunting tone, heard only by me, but loud and grating nonetheless. Others stopped by, noticed its first unstarted, then half-finished state, but never said a word. There might have been a few quizzical looks. Once, soon after I received it, I excitedly explained its principles to CuteNerdBoy, but after that, all drive to complete it, to use it, dissipated, leaving both it and myself resentful of its presence in my living room.

Tonight, after phone calls and meeting with a recruiter and getting frustrated over the increasingly acknowledged influence of Mercury retrograde on attempted conversations and exchanges between LiterateLawyerGuy (oh, shut up, it could be the reason why we just can't get our schedules synced enough to talk or chat longer than a minute over the last few days), I sat watching a little bit of Angel when my eyes alighted on it. Once again I heard it call to me, as it had yesterday and the day before. I had heeded its call, trying to finish it, but it proved recalcitrant. Today, however, today I gave it one more shot. Again it fought me, even though it was the one that wanted me, but I won. I was victorious. I inflated it as it was meant to be inflated.

It kicked my ass for 25 minutes. But that doesn't matter. I've no doubt I'll go back to it again, for its bright yellow surface beckons to me, seduces me in its particularly firm yet soft, bumpy, rubberized way.

Stupid BodyDome.

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