Monday, December 01, 2003

I hereby pledge... 

...to post an entry every day in December. Not one or two sentences, but a full-fledged, 50 word minimum entry. Why? Because I've registered with Holidailies 2003 and thems the rules.

Not that it's all that difficult, mind you. This is me we're talking about. For the most part I've been consistently verbose on a daily basis. Still, after posting only one entry while I was on my looong weekend, and that on Thanksgiving, I thought this would be a good way to start up again.

Things is, I'm so damned tired that I don't have the energy to write what I want to write about because, frankly, it would take a long time and I need to spend time with my kitties and get some quality sleep. But I will give a brief holiday weekend update:

Wednesday: I did nothing except sleep and watch TV and talk on the phone. Boy, did I need that sleep!

Thursday: Thanksgiving! Updated here, then went to BabySis' soon-to-be-in-laws' place to hang with family and WestHollywoodBoy, eating too much and laughing and talking and playing with BSSon and watching DVDs (Bruce Almighty - eh; X2 - yea!). Fun, fun time. Then got home at 2:30am on Friday, stayed up until 7am IMing with LiterateLawyerGuy (my oh my, such a delightfully dirty mind that fella has).

Friday: Again I did nothing except sleep and talk on the phone, a number of times with LiterateLawyerGuy (it got pretty, um, steamy once or twice).

Saturday: Woke up early and ran around trying to get things ready for an unexpected trip to Las Vegas. Where I ended up meeting LiterateLawyerGuy for the first time in person and embarked with him on a 30+ hour first date that included dinner, breakfast (which wasn't eaten until after 4pm), drinks, talking, movies, gambling, laughing, reading selections from our favorite writings, shopping for music, checking e-mails and trying to get some sleep, but not doing too well on that last front. Oh, and a little (okay, maybe more than a little) harmless "heavy petting". But we were still virtuous people. Mostly.

Oh, you want to read more? Considering that’s the thing that’s going to take a long time to write, you’ll have to wait. I’ll work on it tomorrow, after I’ve had some sleep - one rarely sleeps in Vegas, it would seem, and I took a taxi directly from LAX to work at 8:30 this morning, so yeah, I’m a bit tuckered out.

I know, I’m such a meanie.

And now for some quality kitty time, then blessed sleep.

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