Thursday, December 04, 2003

Holidailies, schmolidailies... 

So, no post yesterday. Why? Because I stayed at work until just before 9pm and took the bus home, which, at that time of night, takes longer than, well, something that takes a really, really long time.

(My brain is toast right now. Insert your own clever phrase there. Hell, any time you read something here that sounds like it was written by a not particularly bright three year old, or George W. Bush, just come up with something funnier or smarter. Share it with the class, if you like. Y'all are clever. I trust you.)

I'm just so happy to be home right now. It was one of those days that made want to curl up under my desk at work and tell everyone else to figure things out for themselves. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, got to work really late, then busted my ass - and the asses of those around me - trying to finish up our month-end close. I didn't take lunch (which is fine, since I got into work late) and the two women that work for me didn't get to take lunch until after 3pm. Yeah, I'm such a slave driver. But we didn't have any choice because the other areas of my department couldn't start their close until we finished ours. It's not even like it was all that hellish, volume-wise. We just had three days off right before close and we trying to catch up from that.

(Aren't y'all enthralled? No? Well, stay awake anyway and finish reading the post. It would make me feel so much better. Thanks much.)

But I'm home, and I'll be going to bed soon, and all will be joy and light and laughter. And I may even be able to finish up the Vegas story tomorrow.

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