Friday, December 26, 2003

The day after... 

Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. Yesterday, Christmas Day, it was raining and pouring and old men were snoring in "sunny" Los Angeles. Today it is absolutely gorgeous outside. There's a definite nip in the air, but the sun is shining as if it had never shined before. This is such a day to go walking in the park. Maybe I'll do that a little later.

Right now I'm over at ModelGirl's place, checking on and hanging out with her and her hubby's cats. ModelGirl and hubby are away visiting his family right now, so I've agreed to feed their cats, to hang out a little while to give them human companionship, and to medicate one of them twice a day. It's become something of a holiday tradition for me to watch their cats, since before ModelGirl and her hubby met. Mainly because many years ago she had some one else try it and she did an abysmal job - not coming by for several days, not cleaning the litter box and, when confronted with kitty poop on the kitchen floor due to her neglect, covering it with newspapers instead of cleaning it up.

Yeah, I know.

As a result the cats were more than a little surly when ModelGirl returned from out of town. So the next year she asked me to do it, since her cats knew me and she knew that I loved the little buggers. Being an experienced pet sitter by that time - having sat for many other friends pets (cats, dogs, birds, fish) over the years - I knew what to do. Plus I've always loved animals, so I've always been one to pet them and show them affection. As a result I did what came naturally. And her kitties were not surly whatsoever when she returned. She no longer trusts anyone else to watch her kitties.

So I'm continuing our tradition. I'm also checking in on FFDWG(FKaSarah)'s cats while both she and her roommate are out of town. The nicely surprising part of all this, which I totally didn't expect and am incredibly grateful for? Because I have to stop by ModelGirl's apartment twice a day to medicate one of the kitties, she offered to pay for a rental car for the time she and her hubby are gone, if I would pay for insurance. Wow. For nine days I actually have a car to drive. I'm so happy for that. We got it at Rent-A-Wreck and, if you saw the car, you'd say, "Yep, the company lives up to its name!" I'm driving a red late-80's (I think) Toyota Corolla hatchback with body damage on the passenger's side But it drives beautifully, despite the alignment pulling just a little bit to the right. Due to my parking habits, my past cars have tended to do that, so I'm not too concerned. And I'm sure it's original driver was a heavy smoker, as the vaguely stale aroma of cigarettes clings to the interior. But that's why windows roll down, right?

But I have a car! For just a little while, but that's okay. And while FFDWG(FKaSarah) is in Europe, she's letting me borrow her cell phone, which is proving to be a life-saver. I'm still aghast at the generosity of my friends. I suspect I always will be, as I'm never quite sure what I've done to deserve it. But I thank G-d for it each and every day.


So Christmas was a fun time with family. After picking up the rental car and checking on FFDWG(FKaSarah)'s cat, I ended up at the home of BabySis's soon-to-be-in-laws and had a most yummy dinner with all of them and my mom, then Mom and I stopped by ModelGirl's place, did the stuff I needed to do there, then we headed out to OlderBro and OBGirlfriend's place, where we hung out with them and a bunch of their friends. I was in a kind of quiet mood, but a good one. And I went home.

There wasn't much loot to be had. In past years I might have secretly pouted a little about that, but this year I didn't really care. Because there was just something so terrific about being with these people that made me very happy. That's what this holiday season is about for me. The past two and half years have slammed me and my family and friends so hard that I've realized, I mean deeply realized in my heart and soul, that, nice as material possessions are (and I definitely do like them - I'm a Taurus, after all), the presence of people I care about, people of quality, are far more important, more precious to me.

Funny thing about yesterday. Apparently whatever signal I'm sending out that's making the boys look at me and go, "Hmmm, she looks like she might be a nummy treat," is still swirling about me. I was standing at a bus stop in Santa Monica, waiting for the bus that would take me to Rent-A-Wreck. I was dressed for the cold, rainy weather - heavy bright blue wool coat, scarf, no make-up (though I was having an excellent hair day yesterday), schleppy jeans, sneakers. Totally bundled up with the only skin showing being my hands and face, an open umbrella no doubt somewhat obscuring most of my face as I looked down, reading my book. A late model black BMW parked in a nearby parking lot and a nice-looking fellow that looked like he might be in his early to mid-40s stepped out of the car, cell phone in hand. He walked by me, making a point to make eye contact with me. I smiled politely and continued reading my book and listening to the music on my headphones. He then walked by me again and stopped right in front of me. Polite as ever, I paused the music and took of my headphones, thinking he had a question to ask about directions or something. Instead he asked me about whether the buses were running. Next thing I knew he said I looked like someone he knew back home (in Israel) and proceeded to introduce himself, to ask me my plans for the day, to flirt with me a little, with the coup de grace - he would like to see me again, to take me out for cappucino. I responded with a smile, letting him know that, sorry, but I'm dating someone. He thanked me for my time, wished me a Merry Christmas, then walked back to his car and drove off.

I was amazed. I was so amazed after he left that I started to laugh in disbelief. I mean, I've had men try to pick me up before, in stores or on the street, but not in a long time and never when I was looking positively schleppy. A male friend recently told me that I'm radiating some healthy, happy glow these days that was sure to attract men. I guess he was right.

A little ego boost sure goes a long way.


Happy Boxing Day to those in Canada and England (and every other place in which it might be celebrated)!

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