Friday, November 21, 2003

What you've all... 

...been waiting for: my review of Kill Bill, Vol. 1.

It's a beautifully done film. The cinematography, the direction, the visual and storytelling effects - simply fantastic. I love the soundtrack. The acting was exactly what was needed for such a film. Great stunts.

I can't really recommend it.

I know what it was going for, the whole "live-action anime" thing. Not having seen much anime, I can't say how well it succeeded on that front. It was definitely cartoonish in the extreme. I knew going in how bloody and violent it was (I read an article about the making of the movie in which Tarentino had run out of "blood" in one scene and someone had to get more somehow).

Knowing all this, it was still far too violent and one-dimensional for my tastes. I spent most of the movie cringing or slouching in my seat, watching it through splayed fingers. occasionally taking off my glasses so that the imagery would be severely blurred. I was able to sit through the whole film, because I've never bailed on a movie in a theater (even a free one) and I wasn't about to start with one that, despite its faults, was still well-done. But if it had been as gory as it was bloody, even I would have had to leave, like poor FDWG(FKaSarah).

I wil say that my favorite thing about the movie, besides the soundtrack, was Sonny Chiba. He is just beyond cool.

Will I watch Kill Bill: Vol. 2? As long as I don't have to pay for it.

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