Sunday, November 09, 2003


I must have the most comfortable sofa in all the land. I keep falling asleep on it. This morning is the third morning this week I've awakened on the sofa. I have to stop lying down on it while watching TV. Which, oddly enough, is a big reason I got the couch. Because the pine loveseat I was using before? Not long enough to stretch out on and not cushy enough to find restful. I still have the pine loveseat, but it sits to the side, used only for stuff piling, cat sleeping and the occasional guest.

Like practically everything in my life, there is a story behind the sofa. For many years I just had two loveseats - the aforementioned pine loveseat and a wicker loveseat that I bought from my friend RockerChick at a yard sale for $15. They served me well over the years, especially that pine loveseat. Born at Ikea, I've had it for about seven years. The poor thing has gone through several sets of cushions because, whenever my oldest cat, Noel, was really upset at me (for going away or having an exceptionally busy week where I was barely home or letting the litter box ripen a little too long), he'd piss in the spot that I'd always sit in.

(Then there's the makeout sessions it's seen - that can't be good for Ikea joints. Thank heaven for those silly little Allen wrenches enclosed in every Ikea product box. Plus my power drill has some Allen wrench heads.)

But wait, this is the story of my sofa. Not my loveseat. I think the loveseat is trying to influence me into making it the prominent piece of living room furniture again. Loveseat, I love you and always will, but the couch is the one I need. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I'd been on the lookout for a cheap garage sale sofa for a long time. One day, while walking back to my apartment from the corner donut shop (I only ever buy sealed drinks there - the place looks so run down and dirty that I'm afraid to eat anything made there, though it does a pretty brisk business - I guess not everyone is as picky as me). In the yard of the duplex next to my triplex was a long hunter green sofa with puffy arms and back and wood trim. Not the most attractive sofa in the world, but not terribly ugly either. And it matched my living room color scheme perfectly. I took a look at it, sat on it, laid down on it. In okay condition, but definitely comfortable. Easily around 8 feet long and about 2 1/2-3 feet deep. Because when I laid down on it my 5'6" voluptuous frame easily fit between the big puffy arms.

A guy came out of his apartment and I asked him about the sofa. Turns out that it actually originally belonged to some other neighbors who just gave it to him. And he had no use for it now, since he was moving, so he was willing to part with it pretty cheaply. I offered him $20 and he said great. I went to get some money and he, FFDWG(FKaSarah) - who happened to be over at my place at the time - and I lugged it into my place. I steam cleaned it the next day, but left it to sit in the middle of the room for a while.

I finally took the wicker loveseat out to the garage (which was later sold in a garage sale - the loveseat, not the garage) and pushed the sofa into its new home against the wall, but due to the layout of the living room it was a tight fit. So a few weeks later I rearranged the living room, taking out some old stuff and opening up the space (I used to have it set up as two separate areas, with a wicker $8 garage sale room divider between the pine loveseat and my art table).

Now my living room looks big and spacious, And my long, comfy not-ugly couch rests in a place of honor in my living room, facing the TV. I can curl up or stretch out or, as I've mentioned before, fall asleep on it. During the height of summer, when the Valley temperatures can sit in the still 80s at night, I slept on the sofa because my bedroom fan was broken and the window air conditioner was in the living room. Very nice. There are times when I prefer to sleep on the couch as opposed to my bed. I'm not sure why except that my bedroom is a little small, dominated by my queen size bed, and sometimes I feel kind of claustrophobic in it. And maybe on those odd nights when I set out to sleep on the couch - as opposed to accidentally falling asleep on it - I may be feeling a little lonely and the living room just feels less solitary.

Besides which, I actually tend to sleep the night through on the sofa, which is not always the case with my bed.

The cats love the sofa too, resting on the big puffy back and arms, decorating it with their cat hair that clings to the dark green, burgundy accented fabric for dear life, resisting my attempts to de-fur it with all of its considerable strength. Maybe I should follow FFDWG(FKaSarah)'s suggestion and cover the thing when I don't have guests.

Hey, there's a thought.

I don't know how long I'll have this sofa. Knowing me, probably until the only thing holding it together is fond memories of its service. But I'm certainly going to enjoy it until that day.

I just hope it sees a few makeout sessions out while I still have it. Maybe, if it's not too much to ask, even a little honest-to-goodness sex. I wouldn't want the loveseat to feel superior for all its days. Because I know it does.

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