Thursday, November 13, 2003

Reading does a mind good... 

* ...as does contributing to literacy projects. John Scalzi has started a fund drive for Reading Is Fundamental. Those who donate get access to three spanking new Scalzi stories during the month of December. John is a fabulous writer, and the man who, unbeknownst to him, sparked my interest in online journals and, by extension, 'blogging, one could make the argument that it's all his fault I'm 'blogging maniac.

So go over there and contribute. It's a good thing.

* Pamie had a link in her blog (that I'm choosing to take as a heavily veiled shout-out to me, because, again, I have an ego the size of Canada - and she did write the words "hit slut", which is what she called me in the inscription in her book).

It looks like a pretty interesting idea. I'll explore the site further this weekend when I have a little time.


I had been having a kind of down day today. Thoughts kept crossing my mind that I had been trying to kick away. There are issues with my mother that have been weighing on me.

I'd also been considering that, with my focus on CuteNerdBoy over the past number of months, I'd missed out on a possibility with a gentleman who is now enjoying a lively exchange with a dear friend. I'm very happy that things are going well for them, considering that I introduced them and I think they're both being very cute. It amuses me, as well as, well, making me happy for them. But today the niggling thought that, had I not been concentrating on that sweet, lovely, yet frustrating young man with the glasses and wit and issues, that might have been my lively exchange - that nagging thought kept coming back around to burrow in the wrinkles of my mind.

In addition, there were a few e-mails that I had been expecting that weren't materializing, a couple of which were from fellas that had flocked around me via Match.com over the weekend to whom I had responded in a positive fashion. Not receiving the e-mails made me pout. As I have a rather wide mouth, with a somewhat over-full bottom lip, me pouting can prove dangerous for those around me.

(I received a fair number of e-mails and winks this past weekend - talk about your ego strokes. And some of the boys were both cute and articulate.)

All hoped-for e-mails surfaced today, right around the same time, and I admit each and every one cheered me up and made me think. I love to be cheered up and I love to be made to think, even with this stupid headache I've had all day.

There's got to be a way to stop living in my head as often as I do. True, there are benefits - writers have to live in their heads to a certain extent.

But it can also be rather detrimental to my moods if I'm not careful.

Stupid head.

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