Friday, November 21, 2003

The plan is in place... 

So yesterday FFDWG(FKaSarah) and I were talking, as we do pretty much everyday, what with us working together and all. I had just published my ranty entry and was telling her about it. She said that the entry must have, in some way, been inspired by the link that I posted the previous day and maybe I wanted to rule the world too? I had admit that it was a possibility, but that I was fine with Alli and PoolBoy becoming evil overlords as long as they were neat about it and I survived.

"Carol, it doesn't sound like they were going for the neat approach. You know, wholesale slaughtering and trodding over their enemies."

"They could still be neat about it."

She gave me an intensely puzzled look. "How?!"

It took only half a second of thought to come up with an answer. "Well, you know the people that are going to be left alive? The boat boys?"

"And the massage girls."

"Right. Well, those people could clean up after them and... Wait, too big a mess and not enough living people. Ooh, I know! The first wave they only kill half the people and enslave the rest, making them clean up, then kill the rest. Except the boat boys and massage girls, of course."

"But that's still too big a mess for two waves -- "

"No, it's not. Because they should do it in several waves, you know, sweep across the earth and just keep killing part of the victims, make the others clean up, kill them, then move onto the next section."

"Or maybe they could just keep one part of the area clean and not worry about the rest."

"The smell would carry."

"How about an island? Then they wouldn't have to think about cleaning up messes or the smell or -- "

"No! They can't leave a mess! It's just wrong! It's aesthetically displeasing. It's a workable plan, really it is. And you know, it kind of scares me that I came up with it so readily."

She laughed and walked away. She called out behind her, "You need to write this."

"Really? Okay."

It does scare me a little that such a plan sprung so easily from my twisted little mind. I like to think that I was just gearing up for watching our company's free screening of Kill Bill.

Yeah, that's it. I'm such a gentle little putty-tat that I had to prepare myself for the evening of carnage ahead of me.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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