Saturday, November 15, 2003


I can't believe I forgot a rather disturbing part of last evening's festivities: a viewing of the infamous infrared H*lton p*rn v*deo.

There's not enough "Eeeewww!!!!" in the world.

I say having seen some of the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee video back in the day (oddly enough, at a birthday party thrown in RockerChick's honor). That was actually kinda, sorta sweet, in a weird way, what with them being in love and all.

The H*lton vid*o? Chaos demons are more cuddly. And the infrared made their eyes frighteningly glowy. I swear they were possessed.

I have no idea which sister it was. And I can't seem to find the energy to care.

Update: Accidentally found out it was P*ris Hilt*n. Still lacking the energy to care.

Updated update - 11/18/03: Asterisks added because, while I'm happy my traffic has gone up, the referrer logs tell me it's because I mentioned the you-know-what, which is popping up in searches. I'm hardly a prude, and at first I was amused, but now it's just skeeving me out for some reason. Sorry to disappoint - no s*x v*deo here!

At least it's not like one search referral I received a few weeks ago: l*ttle g*rl p*ssies (with no asterisks - that's what happens when you call your co-workers "p*ssies" for not dressing up for Halloween).

That's just unbelievably sick.

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