Saturday, November 01, 2003

Oh my G-ddess... 

For the first time ever I actually want to purchase a Barbie.

I've never been a Barbie fan. I don't even remember owning one when I was a child. Not to say I didn't have one, I just don't remember. My favorite playthings were little toy pianos that I carried to school with me, only to drop them, break them, then get a new one when I got very sad about the old one.

Or the Chrissy and Velvet dolls with the hair that could grow or shorten at the press of a button or twist of a knob (I still have the Chrissy doll that I got for my ninth birthday). Or my stuffed animals.

But Barbies? Not so much. I played with my friends' Barbies whenever I was over their houses, but I usually got bored with them pretty quickly. And I once sewed a shirt and pair of pants for YoungerBro's Six Million Dollar Man action figure, but that was about it.

I currently own one Barbie. The Hip 2 Be Square Barbie, which was given to me be OlderBro a couple of years ago at his girlfriend's birthday girly sleepover (all the guests got a Barbie of some kind - OlderBro has connections over at Mattel). I got that one because they've always seen me as rather on the square side and that was their way of saying that's cool. But I actually like the Mondrian influenced design of the clothing and the accessories. Yeah, I may be a square, but I'm an art square!

Still, the new Secret Spells Barbie? I'll admit part of me is a little offended, as I respect Wicca (she's also being called Wiccan Barbie) and have been known to dabble a little. All that pink. *shudder*

But it's still kind of cool.

I think I'd better get it before the Fundies get their collective panties in a bunch and force toy stores to pull it off the shelves.

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