Tuesday, November 04, 2003

A little short story... 

My writing group has a new thing these days - a weekly e-mail reminding people of the meeting place (it's at a different member's place each week) and a couple of writing prompts: a word and a headline. Since I'm the only member who can't host a meeting, due to my living location being far too north, I've been elected to send out the e-mails. Which is totally cool, since I feel as if I'm contributing to the group more.

This week I wrote a story inspired by this story, which I linked to on Halloween. I dashed it off and I have to say, it's actually one of my better stories. So I'm going to share it with y'all. It's rather a departure for me. I've done a couple of revisions, but I like the way it turned out. Enjoy!


So there I was, just hanging out with my friends after school. No biggie, we did it all the time. Sylvia was hiding her joint from one of the sisters who was passing by, but her nose, which can usually smell an extinguished ash from five miles away, stopped working or something. Sister Mary Margaret was off to the side and she looked pretty horrified. We all looked over to where she was looking and saw why she didn't care about the joint all that much.

This young guy was standing there, staring at us girls. We got that all the time. It's that whole Catholic school-girl thing some guys are totally into. It's always a little icky, but we learned to shrug it off a long time ago.

This guy was different. It wasn't just that he was a lot younger than most of the creeps. It wasn't even that he wasn't bad looking for a creep.

He wasn't wearing any pants.

He had on shoes and a coat that came down past his knees, but no pants, even though it was hella cold. I think Sister Mary Margaret was praying that maybe he was wearing shorts under the coat. I guess she prayed in vain because the guy opened his coat and let all us girls see what he had. Well, it was really what he didn't have. I would've laughed if I wasn't so shocked. I mean, at 15 I'd already seen a lot, you know? That's what happens when you're being told that everything is bad and you just had to find out what the big deal was about.

This? This was a new one for me. And from the looks of my friends and the other girls leaving the school, I wasn't the only one it was new for.

Some wussy girl screamed, I think it was Charlotte. She gets shocked if you look at her wrong. But I couldn't blame her this time.

And the perv just kept standing there, grinning.

A couple of neighbor guys across the street saw what the asshole was doing, so they ran at him. Pervy wrapped up his coat and started running too. He was too slow, though, and the neighbors knocked him down.

I looked over at Sylvia. She's been my best friend since kindergarten and I knew she had a lot of things in her childhood that would make this sort of thing hit her pretty hard. She had this really strange expression. She was furious, I could see that, but a really scary smile spread across her face. I mean, fucking scary. The kind of smile you don't want to come across when you're in a bad neighborhood alone after dark.

She ran over to the perv and dropped her joint on his face, still burning and all. He flicked his head super fast and it fell off, but you could still see the red mark on his cheek. Then she started kicking him. Hard. Man, all her anger that she had pent up over the years just burst out and bam! A kick in the stomach. Bam! Another kick to the legs. Slam! Right upside the head. Wham! In the gonads. That one was the hardest of all.

The neighbor guys looked at each other. They didn't know if they should stop Sylvia or let WhackJob go or what. I made up their mind for them. I went up right next to Sylvia and kicked the fuckwad too. I started to beat on him. Sylvia smiled at me, grateful this time, and landed a punch to the kidneys.

The rest of the girls rushed up and the next thing I knew there we all were, just whaling on this freak. All of our anger at the creeps that stared at us or tried stuff we didn't like or shit with our childhoods and families poured out over his punk-ass. And it felt good. Even Charlotte got a few good licks in. Who knew mousy Charlotte got angry too?

Finally we were stopped, I guess because the neighbors were afraid we'd kill Freakazoid before the cops got there. They finally showed up and talked to all of us. We were kinda scared at first that we'd be taken in, but the cops didn't even care! Even Sister Mary Margaret was all on our side, smiling at what we did. She didn't even get her panties in a bunch over Sylvia's joint.

Turns out the perv had done this all over the city. Turns out we were just meting out a little justice, the first time anyone had actually tried to get back at the piece of shit. After he healed in the hospital he got his ass thrown in jail for a bunch of counts of, quote, harassment, disorderly conduct, open lewdness and corrupting the morals of a minor, unquote.

Sylvia is a little less angry these days. I'm hella happy about that. Justice feels really good.


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