Thursday, November 27, 2003

Let us give thanks... 

What am I thankful for? Always a good question, but never more so than when the year has been a topsy-turvy one:

1) My family - it's been a tough year for us and they've certainly driven me crazy more than once, but they are, for the most part, good people with good intentions and I love them dearly.

2) My friends - if I was ever idiot enough to doubt their specialness, their unwavering support through a tough year has opened my eyes. I love every one of them dearly as well.

3) My pets - occasionally four cats are a handful, but they're great pets and I'm so happy I have them.

4) My health - I've got a few tweaks in the health arena (sinuses, joints, neck), but I'm still hale and hearty and able to help friends move sofas (which I did on Monday - my forearms are still a little sore).

5) The internet - a scary thing to some, it's brought me nothing but happiness. Because I've actually met some fantastic people thanks to the internet. One of my dearest friends was met through the her first website and, though she's half a world away, she will always be very important to me. The internet is also what created a friend out of Christopher. It's enabling me to have a terrifically shameless flirtation with LiterateLawyerGuy, which is going well (we have plans to get together sometime next week).

And it brought CuteNerdBoy back into my life twice, this last time more intensely and wonderfully than before. My emotions may have been all over the place in regards to him, but I'm glad he's in my life. Thanks to the internet.

6) My job - true, I'm not crazy about it, it pays crap and sometimes I want to stand on a desk and scream, but I have one. That's more than can be said for so many people. So I'm thankful for that. And through it I've met even more fantastic people. And I'm off from yesterday through Friday, plus the weekend. Five days of no work. Always a good thing.

And last, but by no means least:

7) Life - it really is a precious gift, to be appreciated and savored. No matter how shitty it can get, with work and luck and terrific people with whom to share the journey, it can also be incredible. I am beyond thankful for my life and for the lives of those I care about.

So, to all of my American readers (all five of you, I think) - a very Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be spending it with my family and one of my friends (WestHollywoodBoy). I hope you spend it with those that are special to you.

(I'd say Happy Turkey Day, but, well, vegetarian and all. So than I'd say Happy Tofurkey day, but I've had it - it's pretty nasty stuff. Though the gravy and stuffing were yummy.)

And for my international readers (I know of at least three), just have a fabulous late-November day. It's beautiful and sunny in L.A. - may you have the weather of your dreams.


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