Wednesday, November 19, 2003

It's a sickness... 

"You're addicted!" she shouted at me, her wavy reddish hair tumbling about her shoulders as she nearly guffawed.

I over-acted hurt, confusion, denial, though I laughingly agreed with her eventually. Thing is, she was absolutely right. I am addicted.

Addicted to my referral logs, wondering how many people have hit my site so far today, what odd search strings have sent them to my humble 'blog.

(Top two right now? "P*ris Hilt*n v*deo" - minus the asterisks - and "Pamie stee dating". Funny that.)

Addicted to my e-mail, wondering if the e-mails I've been expecting have shown up, or if any of my readers have e-mailed me or signed my guestbook.

Addicted to checking my comments, seeing if anyone has opinions about what I've written that day.

Addicted to reading and re-reading my own writing to make sure I conveyed the feelings, the thoughts I intended to convey and wondering what both strangers and friends would make of these public words.

I'm addicted to feedback, and I don't think there's a twelve step program for it.

Then again, I wasn't the only person playing at the computers at work until the late hours of the evening...

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