Friday, November 07, 2003

I love personality tests... 

I don't know why, but I've always been seroiusly addicted to them. Anything that professes to identify my personality, or its various aspects, holds an undying appeal for me. Which probably goes a long way in explaining my fascination and (occasionally grudging) belief in astrology.

(CuteNerdBoy and I had a fun little conversation about astrology on Wednesday. Not surprisingly, he's not much of a believer. But that's what I'd expect from an Aquarian. I'm very much a Taurean, though the many water signs in my chart help to balance the more "earthlike" qualities inherent in my sign. Okay, fine, I admit it. With the heavy earth and water in my chart, I am, basically, mud.)

As you can imagine, eMode is crack for someone like me. Since I discovered eMode, back in '98, I think, I've learned that I'm both a gibbon and a Bernese Mountain Dog, my inner rock star is Bjork, my theme song is Dancing Queen and in high school I was Angel, er, I mean, a brooding artist.

I'm not saying all of that is accurate. I think some of it may be colored by the way I'd like to be than the way I really am. But I find it all intriguing, nonetheless. Which is interesting, since I'm not such a fan of labeling people.

Maybe I just like to label myself. Go figure.

So when I discovered that Match.com has started with little quizlets, I was almost beside myself with glee. So far I've found out that I'm a sensible sweetheart and an actor. Okay, none of that is terribly surprising, but I still find it fun.

I think I know how I'm spending my Friday night.

Gee, that sounds kind of sad. But it's fine if it's something I really enjoy, right? It's not like I'm taking all the fur that my cats have shed and I'm using it to knit matching sweaters for them, with a jaunty little beret for myself. I'm saving that for Sunday...

Um, never mind.

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