Saturday, November 15, 2003

Girls' Night... 

I hung out with RockerChick tonight. Um, I mean, last night. Very fun. Originally she was going to have a few friends over on Saturday, but she ended up having too crazy a week to want to deal with too many people, opting instead to spend Saturday night alone with her hubby, UPSGuy. However, since UPSGuy works Friday nights, we decided to hang out and have a nice low-key girls' night. And for the most part it was low-key.

We had dinner, flirted with the waiter (my, what nice arms and calves he had!), talked about her work situation and CuteNerdBoy and me. Back at her place I had half a raspberry ale while she drank two Seven and Sevens and we played some Addams' Family pinball (she and her hubby have a very cool refurbished pinball machine). She trounced me soundly, getting the second highest score on the machine, which meant that she had to call UPSGuy to let him know. Unfortunately he was less than impressed at that moment because he was on the phone with someone else. We continued to play, coining new words for the machine when I lost ball after ball. Our favorite? Fucker Monkey. I came up with that when the ball was particularly evil (it was an off-shoot of a favorite of hers and her hubby's - fucker whore; later she came up with fucker hole - we were rather foul mouthed tonight and having lots of fun with it).

A couple of times I'd lose the ball, growl, "Fuck you," at the machine, then pretend to hump it in displeasure. It shocked RockerChick a little, but only because it turns out her hubby does the same thing. Must be a Taurean deal. To be honest, I think that's the only time I've ever done something like that.

Later while I was taking her bonus turns UPSGuy called back and was finally properly impressed at her pinball wizardry. As she was telling him of my machine humpage I lost a ball, leaned the machine and told her to tell him I was now resting my breasts on the glass. Of course she couldn't leave well enough alone, embellishing it by saying I was nippling the glass. I stood straight up, giggled, then asked, "Do you want me to?"


I walked around a bit, giggling and tee-heeing, wondering if she were joking, and asking several times if she were serious. She said yes, though I honestly didn't think she was. I decided to do it anyway. I unlaced my black peasant tank top, and she looked over.

"Oh my G-d, she's going to do it! Her shirt's unlaced!"

I turned around, my back to RockerChick, pulled my breasts out of the demi-cup satin flowered bra and very quickly pressed my bare nipples against the cold glass. In seconds the girls were back under cover of bra and top and I turned around and smiled.

RockerChick laughed. "She did it. The glass has been nippled. And she's got some big breasts." (She once christened my cleavage the "Grand Canyon". That was when my breasts were smaller than they are now.)

Soon afterwards they hung up. She said to me, "You know, he's going to check it as soon as he gets home." I giggled again.

I'm sure this is the portion of the post where the male readers are hoping for some hot girl-on-girl action. Sorry to disappoint, but, aside from talking about sex, flashing my ta-tas at a pinball machine is about as racy as it gets. RockerChick didn't even see anything. Considering I've never flashed anything before, or anyone I wasn't having sex with, that's still going kind of far for me. Especially since I wasn't close to being tipsy.

Nope, the rest of the evening was spent with more talking about family and CuteNerdBoy and work and sex, more music, and playing with her kitty cats. Then I took my leave of her, drove home, checked my e-mail, read a few erotic stories because talking about sex made me realize again how much I miss having it, even though I'm not interested in casual sex at this point in my life. Well, there is one fellow that might persuade me, and I think I could keep it casual as long as I know that's what it is, but other than that, I'm not so much into the un-relationship sex. As I've said, been there, done that, shrunk the t-shirt.

And now I must needs sleep, perchance to dream. Dream about strong hands and warm brown eyes and hot mouths and...

Well, whatever else my horny little barely-subconscious will dredge up.

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