Monday, November 17, 2003

Deep impression... 

I first saw him when I was young, perhaps too young to really know what, who I was seeing. He stood tall, commanding, his deep English-accented voice rumbling through the room, reaching through to me as I cowered behind my mother, hoping that this 5'2" woman in front of me could protect me from the menace in his dark, penetrating eyes.

Despite my fear I watched him in fascination, mesmerized by his authority, by his elegantly cut clothes, perhaps even by a certain smouldering sensuality that lie barely hidden beneath the veneer of civility he wore as a cloak. At such an youthful age I had no knowledge of sensuality, but I knew that this man with the thick black hair and the deep-set eyes before me was very different than any I had seen in my short five years upon this earth. He was new, exotic, compelling to the suburban, Midwestern-parented child that I was.

When at last he pounced I screamed, darted even further behind my mother, but I could not take my eyes off him, off his power, though I soon realized that perhaps even my mother and her recliner could not save me from the whippet-fast creature flickering on the late-night TV screen.

Christopher Lee as the title chracter in The Horror of Dracula. Is it any wonder I fell in love with vampire lore and tall, dark Englishmen?

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