Friday, November 07, 2003

All hail... 

Yesterday I was speaking with a co-worker (yes, sometimes they speak to me of their own volition), bemoaning the fact that some e-mails I was expecting hadn't come through yet.

"I mean, just because they may be extremely busy is no excuse! By now these people should realize the entire universe revolves around me!"

SaintlyAssistant, who deals with people a bit more difficult than sweet lil' ol' me (and who was a production assistant for Buffy's seventh season - how cool is that?) nodded, a look of understanding on his friendly face.

"I was just saying that last night, in front of my alter to you. You should institute a tithe!"

My eyebrow raised as I gracefully moved out of the way of people coming and going from the office, then danced back to my original position.

"An excellent idea! I like the way you think. You are an excellent acolyte, SaintlyAssistant." More people entered and exited the office, causing me to slide back and forth in a balletic manner, as befits an everyday, ordinary goddess such as myself.

He smiled and inclined his head respectfully. "I do my best. I would offer a tithe myself, but 10% of almost nothing is still almost nothing."

I gestured dismissively, yet graciously, my hand poetry in motion. "That is fine, I understand."

More people walked by. I grew tired of having to move, so I stood behind him, we spoke a little longer, then I went back to my desk.

Moving amongst my subjects is most gratifying. And gives me fantastic ideas...

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