Thursday, October 23, 2003

Will the fun never end? 

Yesterday was a new installment in the "What Scary Excitement Will Today Hold?" show.

Right before I left for work I noticed my answering machine light flashing. Turned out to be from BabySis, left while I was in the shower, asking, nay, demanding that I call her ASAP - it was an emergency. Nothing about the nature of the emergency. Knowing she was probably en route to work, I called her cell phone and got her voicemail. I left her a message and tried her at home, thinking that if it were an emergency she might not be going to work. She wasn't at home either.

So I drove to work and called her about an hour later, still not getting hold of her. A little while later, while I was away from my desk, OlderBro left a message on my voicemail. He wasn't so much into the details either, except he said the words, "How Mom's doing..."

My hands started shaking as I immediately called him back. He was on the other line with BabySis and promised to call me right back. Twenty minutes later I called him and got the info. Mom had been rushed to the emergency room that morning with seizures. Since my mom has medication for seizures, in addition to a number of other medical problems, I was understandably concerned.

Actually, concerned probably isn't the right word. Perhaps the phrase, "Worried and scared out of my fucking mind," would come closest to describing my mental state at that moment.

I told a few people that I was leaving for the day, managed to not break down crying in the elevator at work and hightailed it out to Ventura County, a good forty miles from my work. When I got to the hospital I found out that Mom had been discharged about fifteen minutes before. I called around, trying BabySis, since I knew she was with Mom, and got her voicemail again. I finally reached OlderBro, who was on his way and told me that the battery on BabySis' cell phone was dying, so she wasn't answering, but she would call back. And she did.

After finally finding out that everyone was either at Mom's doctor or was on their way there, I hopped in the Mustang, only to have it refuse to start. It turned over twice, almost caught once, then refused to do anything. Yeah, just perfect.

I called OlderBro and he came to pick me up. And off we went to the doctor. We stayed there awhile while Mom was checked out and her doctor determined the cause of the seizures and a few other medical problems that popped up. By the end of the day us three kids got things straightened out, got Mom home. And the Mustang decided to run again. Must have been driving sixty miles in the high heat of the day that caused it to go ka-blooey.

I don't really want to go over the details of what went on with Mom, since I don't think it would be cool to put her business out for the world to see. But I will say that everything will be okay, as long as she takes care of herself. Because everything that happened yesterday? Didn't have to happen.

I am beyond happy that she was stabilized and able to go home. I'm thrilled that everything is fixable. I love my mommy and I want her to be around for a very long time. I want her to be at the wedding that I someday hope to have, to be a grandmother to the children that I look forward to raising in the future. And I want her to be happy and healthy and independent.

She says she wants that for herself. I really hope she does.

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