Sunday, October 19, 2003

Tucson living... 

It's after midnight on Saturday night and the house is quiet. About forty minutes ago BestFriend and BFHubby went to bed to after BFDaughter, finally, fell asleep. And I sit up, tired but, much like BFDaughter, not willing to go to sleep just yet. So I putz around on their WebTV, checking e-mail and some of my favorite sites, all the while thinking that maybe, just maybe, I should go to sleep on this very comfy couch - so much more comfortable than their air mattress (I can be such a "Princess and the Pea" when it comes to falling asleep) - so that we can be up early to go pumpkin picking. And I wonder why there are no damn "end", "home" or real "delete" keys on this damn WebTV keyboard. I apologize for any misspellings or any other weird visuals - this keyboard isn't the easiest to use.

It's been a fun, but exhausting two days so far. After running around yesterday morning, getting lost on my way to the FlyAway and barely making the bus that took me to LAX, I made it to the gate with forty minutes to spare. The passengers started boarding at the time we should have been leaving.

It was a full flight on Southwest, which meant that, as a letter C, I ended up sitting near the galley in the back, in a row that faced backwards, with another row facing me. The people I sat with were all perfectly nice people and I was perfectly pleasant to them when I was spoken to, but I was in rather an odd mood yesterday, kind of weepy (stupid period) and a bit on the loner side. I just didn't feel much like talking. Luckily my fellow passengers weren't the type to insist on talking. So I listened to Jonatha Brooke (sorry, no links - WebTV is a bit limiting) and closed my eyes for most of the hour-long flight.

I was also rather displeased with my lack of tray and magazine, so I've decided I'm never sitting in that sort of seat again. I think, after living alone for so long, I've kind of gotten used to having things my way. Maybe I need to learn to share.

I arrived in Tucson about twenty minutes late to find BestFriend waiting for me at baggage claim. I didn't expect her, since I knew she was working and that because my flight was late BFHubby would be unable to pick me up, as originally planned, since he had to be at work soon after my flight was scheduled to land. I fully expected to take a bus to BestFriend's place of business. She told me she just took a very late lunch.

Anyway, to make a long story short - too late, I know - I spent yesterday evening having dinner and hanging out and today was spent eating and playing with BFDaughter (a very spirited and precocious three year old who is as tall as a five year old), playing a three hour game of Disney Monopoly with BestFriend and losing spectacularly - I'm still smarting over that one - and having dinner at a new and rather good Italian restaurant.

There are, of course, lots more to tell, such as catching up with BestFriend and battles of wills with BFDaughter (to be expected with a three year old), not to mention lots of laughter and baking cookies and eating too much dairy (the Italian restaurant had an amaretto mousse pie to die for) and playing with their two cats and reading night-night books and patting BFDaughter to sleep for her late afternoon nap and, well, lots more.

And I know that Sunday and Monday will be filled with even more fun.

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