Tuesday, October 21, 2003

So, so much... 

There's so much that I want to write about, but I have no idea where to start. It's not even because I'm living on a roller-coaster, but I have all these ideas of things I think would make great entries or stories, but they percolate around my head when I'm not in a position to jot them down and the details escape me once I have pen or keyboard in hand. Maybe I need to start carrying a mini-tape recorder. Again.

However, on the plane home yesterday I did have a pretty good idea and I was in a position to make notes. Yea!

See, while waiting for my flight and while sitting in my seat (over the wing, next to the window, just the way I like it) I finished an erotic short story I had started at the beginning of the month.

(Don't look at me that way. When you've got a high libido, ya ain't getting any and you're not so much into the one-night stands, ya gotta do something about it. Me, I read and write. This is actually my first completed erotic story, though. I think it turned out well. Word of advice, though. Writing such things when you're in public, like a bus stop or airport or actually on a mode of public transportation? Highly frustrating. And that's how the whole story was written.)

Anyway, I was planning on submitting it to a couple of web sites when I realized it would make for a great series of stories. And I realized that my recently completed story would have to be third in the series. Which is fine, I've already started the first one. But I can't submit the finished erotica until the first two stories are done. Hopefully by next week!

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