Sunday, October 12, 2003

Look at all the pretty dresses... 

Yesterday I faced danger. I walked amongst the danger, completely cognizant of my position, knowing that, under different circumstances, it could take me down at any time. These were not normal circumstances. I felt no weakness in the face of danger. Well, that's not entirely true. There was weakness beating in my breast, but it was a different sort than that which I feared might lay me low. Still, I held my head proudly, my posture straight, and I bravely laughed at the danger until it slunk away, looking for another poor, unfortunate soul on which to pounce.

Yesterday I spent several hours in a bridal store.

All of BabySis' local bridesmaids gathered in Northridge to try on bridesmaid dresses. YoungerSis and her family traveled from Fresno to join us (she's a bridesmaid and both of her daughters are in the wedding party, as is her hubby, but he was out with a friend). Also in attendence were my mom, OlderBro - because OBGirlfriend is also a bridesmaid - BSFiancé and BSNephew. There were two bridesmaids who couldn't make it because they live in New Jersey, but I'm sure they were there in spirit.

Did I mention BabySis has eight bridesmaids (including YSOlderGirl), plus the Maid of Honor? Yeah. It was a full house yesterday.

Still, it was so much fun hanging out with everyone, playing with the kids, trying on a pretty dress (click on the wine swatch to see how it looks in the color BabySis has chosen) and then looking at all the other dresses, ooh-ng and aahhing over the pretty ones and making fun of the ugly ones (of which there were, surprisingly, few). I'm glad BabySis chose wine, because it's a color that looks very good on me and I'm just that selfish. If she had chosen Misty Haze or Celadon (actual color names, apparently), I, well, I would have worn it regardless, but I would be masking a pout behind my "so happy for the couple" smile. As would many other bridesmaids, I'm sure.

The usual danger of growing wistful at my own "no prospects" never made itself known. Indeed, the only danger I faced was wanting to try on all the dresses that I thought were pretty and then wanting to buy them then and there. The nice thing about many of the bridesmaids dresses were that they could also be worn to other formal occasions. I love dresses like that!

And the shoes. And the purses. And the jewelry...


Sorry, drifted off there for a second.

So it was fun. Almost can't wait for BabySis' wedding day, so I can do it again.

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WWW all the fun of the fair...