Thursday, October 30, 2003

A few links... 

(some links courtesy of Man about Murfreesboro)

* Please pray for rain.

(I hated the KABC headline: "Firefighters Dig In Against California Wildfires." Maybe it's a technical firefighting term that I'm unfamiliar with, but the headline makes it sound like the firefighters have just been slacking off until now. I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Sheesh.)

* The apocolypse is near. Please excuse me as I twitch in the corner.

* In a related story, this is what happens when good comedians become unfunny.

* Ain't it the truth. I guess I ain't never gonna be able to sing the blues.

* Hope is not dead. A former supporter of Bush sees the light.

* The Gender Genie tries to predict a person's gender using a writing sample. I submitted four samples from the 'blog. Twice it determined I was a female and twice it told me I was a male. Talk about your balanced writing! And all this time I thought my writing was too girly.

* Have I ever mentioned how fucking tired I am most Republicans? California may be looking at a puppet-governor soon, but I'm still glad I don't live in Texas.

* Please, please, please let this happen. There's nothing patriotic about the Patriot Act.

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