Friday, February 24, 2006

watch out for the knit hat... 

It appears that I look like a homeless person. And a dangerous one at that.

A few weeks ago I was on my way home from one of my evening classes. It was late-ish and I was standing on a street corner in a marginal part of town (not bad but not great either, though the transvestite/male prostitute part of town was only a half mile away), just minding my own business as I waited for the bus that would take me over the hill and back to my humble abode.

It was a cold night, so I was wearing my coat, gloves and scarf, all black - yes, we sometimes have need of such things in Southern California. I was also pulling my little rolling backpack, which always accompanies me on school days.

All of this is normal for me during the winter. But it seems that the coup de grace that pushes me into the "possibly scary person" category is the addition of a black knit cap with some sort of little design. Because as I waited for the bus, the traffic light at my corner turned red and cars stopped. I leaned out a bit to see if the bus was off down the road, whereupon I heard, from the late model sedan stopped in front of me, the distinct "click" of the door locks. Something I've never heard over the two and a half years of waiting at dark bus stops in marginal parts of town.

Let this be a lesson to y'all: ya wear a toque, ya look crazy dangerous.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

hello? is this thing on? 

Oh, for freak's sake, I give.

I always understood why women were falling all over him. Sure, I thought he was good-looking. But I had never really felt that way about him. And I was fine with that. I'm sure he had no problem with it, either.

But recently I began to look at him anew and I realized: wow, he's sexy. With a capital S-E-X-Y.

Damn you, George Clooney.


Let's play catch up!

Job is going well. The March issue of the paper will have a CD review written by yours truly, so that'll be cool. Finally I'll be a published writer!

School is going well. I've just started spring semster, taking classes in Storytelling, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Busy, but definitely worth the time.

Political activities are going well. I actually ran for delegate to the California Democratic Party to fill a vacated position. I didn't win, but I received 1/3 of the vote, which was encouraging and more than I anticipated. Turns out several people who didn't know I was running actually changed their vote to support me. And pretty much everyone said that I have to run again next year, including two of the founders of the Progressive Caucus of the CDP. You know what? I think I shall.

Of course I'm keeping busy with the Tech Chair-ing and the Communications/Strategy Secretary-ing and working on two other committees and such. And I'm enjoying most of it. All except the politics of politics. Oddly enough, I'm not so crazy about that. Still, no way to avoid it.

Love life? Still not much of one, but I am actually dating, which is weird. I've had three first dates with three different guys in three weeks and I have another one (with yet another guy) this Sunday. All except one has been through online services that I signed up with last year, had totally forgotten about, and then had started receiving e-mails out of the blue in late January. I thought, hey, why not? The one that wasn't through an online service? A friend of a friend of TheFirst. The guys have been nice, but not too much clicking going on. We'll see if anything comes of this recent dating spate. It would be nice, but I'm just going to try to have fun.

The most important update of all: my mom. She's actually doing really well. Last Tuesday she had her lumpectomy (Happy Valentinte's Day, Mom!). I was up in Fresno all week to help out, basically not letting her cook or clean or anything. Which drove her crazy after a couple of days, because she hates not being able to do anything, but she's gotta follow doctor's orders. Once she heals up from the surgery she'll start radiation therapy, but her prognosis is excellent. Not that I ever really doubted that, but there were a few nights during the week before the surgery where I couldn't sleep due to worry. One of my dear friends got a long, overwrought e-mail during one of those sleepless nights and talked me through everything. One of these days I'm going to learn to shut my brain up, I swear.

Yeah, and George Clooney will stop being sexy.

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