Tuesday, October 25, 2005

bless you, ladies... 

I have finally gotten off my big booty-shaking ass, doing the updates I should have started yesterday. I've been working on it a few hours now, but there are so many events to be added to the SoCal Grassroots online calendar that it could conceivably take all day. I want to get it all finished to free up my next day or two to work on the campaign site for the woman that I know who is running for Congress. After all, gotta get the paid work done. And I need to make time to catch up on the news and update the SoCal Progressives blog - thank heavens Randy's been keeping it going while I was gone. Hopefully we'll have additional contributors on board by the end of the week, so Randy and I won't be feeling the pressure of, "Argh! We're the only ones!" There are also events to attend this week which need to be squeezed in.

This isn't to say that I'm motivated to work. Oh no, my friends. Far from it. But work's gotta get done and I've got to do it. To that end, I'd like to profusely thank Meg and Science Girl for their help in getting me motivated. How, you ask? By putting together the most fun JournalCon mix CDs ever. Not that I have any other JC CDs to compare them against. But they are rocking my web site updating world and, for that, I am deeply grateful.

The fabulous Petrouchka also provided a JC mix CD, but as it's all classical music (which I do enjoy, BTW) and I'm in need of driving rock guitars, strong drum beats and slouchy-peppy jazzy-lounge standards, its turn on my stereo will have to wait until my work is done.

Here I dive into the political bytes again. Wish me luck. 10010111...

Monday, October 24, 2005

goin' pro... 

I am so not motivated.

I have got a lot of SoCal Grassroots events to update on the group's online calendar, not to mention do something with this disaster of an apartment, and I am so not in the mood. Maybe it's post-weekend letdown, but all I wanna do today is sleep and watch TV. Which is pretty much what I've done, more or less.

Because I'm in that awkward period between my last paycheck and my first unemployment check and thusly have no money, I'll be unable to attend an event for Wesley Clark on Friday which the chair of SCG really wants me to attend, since I'm the resident webgal and one of the bloggers for the group.

Good news, though: I'll be stepping into the pro league as far as web design goes. Someone I'm acquainted with through another political group is running for Congress in 2006 and she's asked me to put together a site for her. As site construction and design fees go I won't be paid much, but it's my first foray into the pro world and it's for something I believe in, so I'm willing to give it a try for less than the going rate. I had to disabuse her of the notion that it would take 3-4 hours to design a site, but she's onboard still, which is good.

It ain't much, but it's a start.

more journalcon... 

The hard part about reporting on the events of weekends such as these is that there just doen't seem to be enough space to faithfully recount everything that happened. And when trying to do so while brain is not fully engaged? Everything seems distracted and incomplete. I don't like it when I do that.

So here's a bit more about JournalCon:

When I say that I liked pretty much everyone I met, I honestly mean it. I've never been to JournalCon before, but from what I've read and heard, this year's attendance was smaller than in the past, which meant that I had a chance to spend at least a few minutes in conversation with nearly every journaler/blogger. I connected with some people better than others, which I don't think is unusual, but every person I spoke with was interesting to me. That's pretty close to batting .300 in my book.

I still wish I had spoken more with Beth and Kymm and Monty. I did try to, but I also let my own innate shyness - and dislike of seeming pushy and fan-girly - get in the way, so I wasn't as successful as I would have liked. I let Monty know that he was responsible for my Buffy obsession, with his real-time recaps/notes of the airings on FX way back when. After all, I like to give credit where credit is due. Not that it was credit he was eager to take, but still. During a game on the first night called Jingo (like bingo, but with promises of drink tickets as the prizes - I came close, but no luck) Kymm did sign my square that read, "Journaler you've always wanted to meet," because back in the day I informed her about the selling of her beloved Donut Inn and I live fairly close to her mother (whom she introduced me to on Sunday - what a sweet and elegant woman!), so I had a bit of a dorky fan-girl moment. There was pretty much no connection between Beth and I, but that's okay - just because I read her journal and like her writing doesn't mean that I think we're BFF. I may be a fan-girl, but I'm not deluded.

As for everyone else, well, there are the folks whom I mentioned in my last entry, who are wicked fun. I also enjoyed rooting on the White Sox with TranceJen, reciprocal cleavage admiration with Weetabix, debating the merits of pointy-toed boots with Chauffi (Chauffi is firmly for, while I hate them with a white-hot passion), watching Ray explain baseball basics to Mare along with TranceJen and Cruel-Irony, chatting with Jecca and Science Girl and LA (who does not actually live in LA) and Mary Ann, and Meg, being one of Bozette's Dancing Pips, having Pratt ostensibly ask me what song I was going to sing when the photographic evidence shows that he was just enjoying the View of Cleavage (yeah, I wore something incredibly low-cut to kareoke - the guys [and some gals] appreciated it, and that's enough for me) and...and...

See what I mean? Too much! And I know I'm leaving stuff out because when it comes to names I've got the memory of a gnat - I'm amazed I remembered as many as I did! I also really tried to remember names and I had two days to get most of them straight, so something obviously stuck. Unfortunately there is one lovely lady whose name escapes me at the moment, which is patently unfair because we sang Rocky Horror songs while walking down Broadway Circle, for heaven's sake. But the steel sieve that is my memory obviously didn't know how to handle all the names that managed to stay put, so it had to let one fall through the holes, for which I humbly apologize. For all I know, I may have mentioned her in the above paragraph. I suspect that I did - sometimes I get a little overwhelmed when there are too many faces, though I do remember her face very clearly. It is certainly no reflection on her. Purely a reflection on how much I suck sometimes.

There was actual non-JournalCon stuff happening too. On Saturday I had lunch with my first boyfriend WriterGuy, whom I've mentioned before. We got back in contact a few months ago when he e-mailed me on Friendster and have exchanged a couple of e-mails. It was good seeing him again. I know that I don't want to become involved with him again, but he's a sharp, funny guy and I do like talking to him.

I was also trying to arrange time to get together with LiterateLawyerGuy (remember him?), with whom there has also been some e-mail and phone reconnection. Unfortunately this was the weekend that he had his three year old son with him, so circumstances and bad timing worked against us, which, I admit, seriously disappointed me. One of these days I'm going to learn to not be so optimistic. Unfortunately my brain and my heart are rarely on speaking terms. The truth is my heart just doesn't listen to my brain, or at least hardly ever (though it does seem to get the message re: MusicianMan - now there's a smart heart). Since I knew that LiterateLawyerGuy was taking care of his son I didn't expect any debauchery (besides which it would be wise if we just talked - libido's gotta shut up and let the brain do the damned chatting for once), but with no meeting happening - well, it was pretty much a bummer.

So yeah, a good weekend that I know I would have enjoyed more if I had not allowed myself to become distracted. I can now look back on it with a clearer (and less alcohol-addled) mind and realize that them's the breaks.

Hopefully the next JournalCon will be in a city where I don't know anyone I used to date...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

traveler comes home... 

(Urgh. Don't try to update two sites simultaneously when you're tired, your computer is touchy, your internet connection is in the mood to constantly cut out and you're fighting around someone else's bad coding to update the non-personal-blog site. Truly tries the patience, it does. Anyway...)

I'm back home from JournalCon 2005, and I'm exhausted. I didn't even travel all that far, either.

Sorry I can't post anything too detailed right now. My brain still needs to re-boot itself, but suffice to say that I met some great people, roomed with two lovely ladies, really missed my Almost-Husband Patrick, got nicely drunk on Friday night, sang kareoke with mixed results on Saturday (note to self: just because Cher sings in a low octave doesn't mean she sings in the same key I do - though I must say, I'm still rocking the Harper Valley, P.T.A.), wished I: played some poker with Chuck and Beth and that whole group (didn't hang out with them much - got distracted); were a little less quiet around certain people; were less distracted by non-JournalCon events and really wished JPL had waited a couple of weeks before it let me go, because doing something like this on a super strict budget is no fun whatsoever.

But I still had a great time and I gotta give shoutouts to a few folks: my roomies Amanda (she of the Australian crack known as Tim-Tams, though it was the Violet Crumble that won my candy loving heart) and Shawn (who was also kind enough to be my ride to and from San Diego, somehow managing to avoid kicking me out of her vehicle on the 5 when I couldn't keep my mouth shut for five minutes), the wild-adjacent Marigold, that Little Miss Know-It-All fredlet and my homie Ray, who helped to get me drunk on Friday night, encouraged debauchery that - due to bad timing - never happened, kept me fairly grounded when said bad timing threatened to sour my mood and is just an all around good guy.

And, of course, the gracious Minarae and her fab JournalCon committee. Lotsa love to be had. I liked pretty much everyone I met. From what I could tell, not a snobby whore in the bunch. I may give JournalCon another go next year.

Friday, October 21, 2005

a-traveling we go... 

Off to JournalCon 2005 this weekend, for what promises to be an interesting and fun time. I'll be sharing a room with Amanda of Precipice (not updated since the beginning of time - or at least 2002) and her friend Shawn. I hooked up with Shawn - who has graciously agreed to drive my sorry ass to San Diego, since she's also an Angeleno (by way of New Jersey) - through Amanda and Amanda through my darling Almost-Husband, Patrick. Unfortunately Patrick, who was going to share a room with the three of us (along with Boychik, who had to drop out due school and work craziness), had to turn around yesterday halfway to California and head back home due to family issues. My heart goes out to Patrick and his family - this has been such a tough year for them.

This means that I won't be meeting my Almost-Husband, which is very much a bummer, but this also means that I'll just have to figure a way to visit Boston, since I felt such a connection to the East Coast last month. If I must, I must. He's a great guy - almost makes me relax my whole rule about not falling for gay fellas. Oh well, I'll just keep this little straight girl crush that I've had on him since '98 or so.

I'll also be meeting up with a couple of people I haven't seen in a few years who live in San Diego, which will also be fun and interesting. I'll just have to report when I get back.

Some of you I'll be seeing in San Diego later today, which I'm looking forward to. The rest of y'all - catch ya when I'm back home on Sunday!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

id? wtf? 

And now for something different...

I'm not going to post about boobies. I'm not going to post about my newly lost job (though my co-workers took me out for a good-bye lunch my last Thursday and filed past my desk on my last Friday to say good-bye and express their sadness at me leaving, after only two months on the job - how cool is that?). I'm not going to post about creepy commercials. And while what I'm posting about is politically related, it has nothing to do with my political activities.

So, as y'all no doubt know, there are efforts afoot to have the "Theory" of Intelligent Design taught in classrooms alongside evolution as legitmate scientific theory. I have only one thing to say about this: what the fuck?

I'm into all sorts of spiritual things. I'm fascinated by astrology and Wicca and Science of Mind and all that. I fervently believe that everything and everyone in the universe is connected on a deep level. On a spiritual level, I'm not at all against the thought that there is a greater power at work that may be guiding a few things - though with all the natural disasters happening recently (not to mention the unnatural disaster that has inhabited the White House since January 2002), I have to wonder in what direction this greater power is directing things. I have serious questions about that and may have to take it up with Mr/Ms. Higher Power personally.


None of that can, by any stretch of the imagination, be termed "legitimate scientific theory." Why? Because nothing in the above paragraph can possibly be tested using accepted scientific methods. No way to objectively observe cause and effect. No way to extrapolate logical conclusions based on known evidence. IT CAN'T BE DONE. It just that simple. I don't see what the big deal is, but I'm not a evangelical Christian Creationist wingnut.

Here's the thing. When the main proponent of ID admits, in a court of law, that his definition of the phrase " scientific theory" is so broad that it has to include astrology as a "scientific theory", then, as John Scalzi says, it's time to "stop the trial, find for teaching actual science in biology classes, and then send a bill for the whole ridiculous affair to the idiots that changed the school policy to shoehorn ID into the classroom" - again, where's the disconnect? How fucking stupid are people that it even got this far?

(That's a rhetorical question - I know people can be pretty fucking stupid.)

You want to teach ID? Teach it in the churches. Bring it up in philosophy class, where all the other philosphies about mankind and the universe and our place in it go to live. It has - and let me be perfectly clear - NO PLACE IN SCIENCE CLASS. Stop being so fucking insecure about your own faith that you need to force it on unwilling students in order to validate your own sorry existence.

Don't make me strap you down, hold open your eyelids with clamps and force-feed you the Theory of Pastafarianism until you accept the Flying Spaghetti Monster as your personal Creator, Lord and Saviour. Don't make me teach you Baseball Bat Theory of Argumentation.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

maybe it's just me... 

Am I the only person who finds the freaky Burger King from the BK "Wake Up With the King" commercials unsettlingly creepy? As in, I now turn the channel when those commercials come on because I'm so creeped out?

I am? Oh. Okay.

Friday, October 14, 2005

yada, yada, yada... 

Still around, still alive, not horribly deperssed or anything. Just busy, is all, with political stuff, reapplying to register for school, taking assessment tests (never was it more obvious that I haven't even vaguely considered algebra in over twenty years than when I took my math assessment test - so very, very sad), picking up stuff left behind at JPL, etc. Funny how I somehow manage to be busier when unemployed than when earning a paycheck.

Funnier still is I actually worked on a phone bank two days this week in an effort to help send most of the propositions on Schwarznegger's "special interest" election to the dung heap of bad ideas, where they belong. What is funny about that, you ask? I hate phone banking. I even hate the thought of it. I'm not very fond of talking on the phone, unless it's with friends or family, and even then only when I'm in the mood. But I felt I needed to do something to help out and since I hate the thought of precinct walking even more than phone banking, well, calling people on the phone during their evening hours is it. And I'll be doing it again next week.

This year has been all about going beyond my comfort zones. Which is a good thing, but sometimes it makes a girl shudder. Though glomming onto a good looking guy helps a bit, as evidenced by me seriously considering, for even the briefest of seconds, precinct walking because MusicianMan mentioned he would be doing so at some point over the month and I was welcome to join him, if I so desired.

Damn that man for being so freaking handsome. And damn my poor neglected libido. Girl ain't had none since May (and that was damned disappointing - thank G-d for my April experience), and the libido is singing out loud and clear. Stupid libido. So many poor lil' kittens killed because of it...

Friday, October 07, 2005

man oh man... 

Here it is, my last day at JPL, and man, are they keeping me jumping. Not that I mind working on my last day, mind you, but the damn phones are barely taking a break. It's as if people that don't even know me know I won't be back after today, so the entire lab needs to call me to ask questions about classes.

I so need a nap...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

oh, bugger... 

I just found out that, due to budgetary constraints, JPL is eliminating my position. Which means that Friday is my last day here.

Crap. And I was really enjoying my time here...

boobies are blossoming... 

Hello ladies and gents!

As Beth reminded us all in her blog, it's that time of year again. October means that the Fourth Annual Blogger Boobie-thon is upon us and the bosoms are in full bloom. Including your humble blogger's.

Yep, this year, thanks to the miracle of my beloved camera phone, I have submitted two sets of photos, of both the covered and uncovered variety. While there are a couple of my readers who may be able to identify my ta-tas due to up-close and personal experience (you know who you are, fellas), I do challenge the rest of y'all to guess which are mine. The prize for the first person to do so? I'm not sure. Maybe a product from the JPL store, since I have no swag to give.

How's this? If you view the free pages and guess my photos correctly, you'll get a JPL magnet or pen. From the pay-per-boobie pages? A JPL t-shirt. They're pretty cool, actually. I myself have a JPL hooded sweatshirt that I rather like and I don't even like hooded sweatshirts.

In case you don't know the drill, covered breasts are viewable for free, but if you want to see the uncovered ones, you'll have to fork over $50 or more in donations, which will be given to both the Red Cross and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, excellent causes both. For those not inclined to view female funbags, male racks are also available for perusal.

Oh, and I will give you two hints, one for each set: in one set I use props and in the other I wear clothing which I've mentioned wearing before in these pages. So if you've been reading me awhile, you might have a clue...

Good luck! And enjoy!

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